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Jaylah's Staff
Very Rare Ground Weapon
Character Bind On Pickup
Cannot Equip more than 1 of this Item
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Bolt Setting
Electrical Damage
112.4 Electrical Damage (160.5 DPS)
10% chance: to self: +10% Run Speed for 25 sec (stacks up to 5)
+2% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity
Sniper Shot
Exploit Attack
Electrical Damage and Knockback
373.7 Electrical Damage (31.8 DPS)
To nearby enemies: 44.2 Electrical Damage
-40% Run Speed for 10 sec
Knocks back
10% chance: to self: +10% Run Speed for 25 sec (stacks up to 5)
+2% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity
10 sec recharge
Value: 50 Lobi Crystal icon.png
Jaylah's Staff icon.png
Very rare icon.png

The Jaylah's Staff is a combination Sniper Rifle and melee weapon. It was featured in Star Trek Beyond. While its first two modes are standard range attacks, the third setting has been switched from the usual palm strike to a series of combination melee strikes.

Game Description[]

This intricate staff weapon does not match any known culture. It functions both as a Sniper Rifle and a melee staff weapon. Its primary fire deals electrical damage and is similar to other Sniper Rifles. Its secondary fire deals improved damage, knocks back all other nearby enemies away from the primary target and slows their movement, allowing the user to push other enemies away from themselves or toss some forward into melee range. In melee mode, the staff deals extra electrical damage and effortlessly delivers combination strikes. Each strike, including all enemies hit by the secondary fire, has a 10% chance to improve the wielder's Run Speed by 10% for a time, stacking up to 5 instances.


The Jaylah's Staff can be obtained from the Lobi Crystal Consortium for 50 Lobi CrystalsLobi Crystal icon.png.

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