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Jem'Hadar Assault Wide-Area Minigun icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Jem'Hadar Assault Wide-Area Minigun
Very Rare Ground Weapon
Character Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Wide Beam Burst
Polaron Damage
__ Polaron Damage x4 (__ DPS) on up to 3 targets in a narrow frontal arc
5% Chance: Weapons Malfunction for 10 sec (half duration vs player)
+20% Critical Severity
+2% Critical Chance
Wide Beam Sweep
Expose Attack
Cone AoE Polaron Damage
__ Polaron Damage x11 (__ DPS) on up to 5 targets in a wide frontal arc
5% Chance: Weapons Malfunction for 10 sec (half duration vs player)
+20% Critical Severity
+2% Critical Chance
12 sec recharge
Value: 50 Lobi Crystal icon.png

The Jem'Hadar Assault Wide-Area Minigun is a type of Ground Weapon.

Assault Miniguns weapons have a secondary fire mode that unloads a massive barrage of short beams in a narrow cone that can be swept across multiple targets. This Jem'Hadar version has a shorter range than a standard Assault Minigun, but a wider arc that can affect a higher number of targets. Both Primary and Secondary attacks have a short spool-up time.

Polaron ground weapons have a chance to cause the target's weapons to malfunction for a brief time.

Jem'Hadar incorporate nanostreams in their weaponry to allow them to add additional effects to their ranged attacks based on the nanocell that is currently active.

This weapon levels with the player. Values given are for a player at level 50.


The Jem'Hadar Assault Wide-Area Minigun is a Ground Weapon obtained from the Lobi Crystal Consortium for 50 Lobi Crystal icon.png Lobi Crystals.


There are several factors that can affect personal weapons. These are Modifier suffixes, spent Player Skill Points, Personal Equipment, and Equipment Sets.

Modifier Suffix[]

Jem'Hadar Assault Wide-Area Miniguns do not come with modifiers suffixes, as other weapons normally do, as they are already an Very Rare item.

Using the Gear Upgrade System, the weapon can be upgraded up to Ultra Rare, and then Epic. At Ultra Rare quality, it gets the modifier [Dmg], which boosts the weapon damage. At Epic quality, it gets the [Ac/Dm] mod, which boosts weapon damage and accuracy.

Personal Equipment[]

Personal Equipment
Icon Equipment Effects Melee/Ranged
Energy Harness Armor icon.pngCommon icon.png Energy Harness Armor +5% All Energy Damage Ranged
Recoil Compensating Armor icon.pngCommon icon.png Recoil Compensating Armor +40% Critical Severity Both
Integrated Targeting Armor icon.pngCommon icon.png Integrated Targeting Armor +5% Critical Chance Both
Physical Augmentation Armor icon.pngCommon icon.png Physical Augmentation Armor +10% Physical Damage strength Melee
Personal Shield icon.png
Common icon.png
Personal Shield + [Ene] Suffix Chance to provide a 10% Energy Damage Buff for 4 sec when you take damage. Ranged
Small Power Cell icon.png Power Cell
Small - Medium - Large
Small - +15 All Energy Damage for 15 secs
Medium - +20 All Energy Damage for 15 secs
Large - +25 All Energy Damage for 15 secs
Consumed on use.
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