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StarfleetJorel Quinn
Military Rank:
Fleet Admiral
Mission giver
Mission contact
Voiced by:
Brook Chalmers

Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn is a Trill Starfleet flag officer, Commander-in-Chief of Earth Spacedock and member of Starfleet Command [1]. His office is located on Earth Spacedock, deck 47, Operations area. Despite Quinn's authority, day-to-day business of Earth Spacedock is commanded by Captain Akira Sulu.

After the mission “Heading Out”, Admiral Quinn hands you over to Admiral T'nae as your primary mission giver. He is also one of the many NPCs who can be found at the Captain's Table.

Missions involved[]

  • FED “Welcome to Earth Spacedock”: Quinn recognizes the player for the extraordinary actions during the Klingon ambush and the subsequent Borg invasion of the Vega System. Since Captain Taggart has been lost, Quinn confirms the player's previous field promotion to Lieutenant and permanently places the starship under her/his command.
  • ALL “Jabberwocky”: A Prophet takes the form of Quinn.
  • FED “Secrets of the Ancients”: Admiral Quinn contacts Federation players at the end of the mission, commending them for their efforts in establishing relations between the Federation and the Romulan Republic.

    Admiral Quinn (left) and Chancellor J'mpok (right) agree on a cease-fire between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in 2410.

  • ALL “Surface Tension”: The player comes to Quinn's aid when Earth Spacedock is attacked by the Undine. He then travels to First City on Qo'noS and together with Chancellor J'mpok agrees to an end to hostilities between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
  • FED “Trakia System Patrol”: Federation players establish contact with Admiral Quinn after tapping into a Hirogen communications array in the Trakia System.
  • FED “Uneasy Allies”: Quinn contacts Federation players to inform them of Sela's escape from Republic custody. When the player informs him they've found her, he instructs them to go along with Sela's offer to uncover more information about the Iconians.
  • ALL “Blood of Ancients”: Quinn opens in a briefing on Earth Spacedock for the Iconian Resistance, which, however, gets cut short by a surprise attack by the Heralds.
  • ALL “Broken Circle”: Quinn is present for the briefing prior to the Alliance's assault on the Herald Sphere.
  • ALL “The Temporal Front”: Quinn is present at the Alliance Summit on New Romulus.
  • ALL “Storm Clouds Gather”: Quinn travels to Deep Space 9 along with the other leaders for the Alliance summit on the Hur'q threat. He expresses that the results of the summit would have long lasting effects, such as the Klingons expressing that the Hur'q is a Dominion problem, and the opportunity for the Federation to build relationships as allies with the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant is a step towards galactic peace. He later observes the Hur'q ambush on Deep Space 9 with the player, and commands Starfleet vessels to attack during the fight against the Hur'q in space.
  • ALL “Home” Quinn is present with the other leaders on Deep Space 9 after the final battle against the Hur'q was over. He speaks to the player and states that the Dominion has joined the Alliance, with the condition of curing their addiction to Ketracel White.
  • ALL “A Day Long Remembered”: Quinn is present at the Great Hall during the celebration event two weeks following the fall of J'mpok.
  • Quinn is the contact for all Federation promotion missions.

Missions given[]

Other involvement[]

  • In Tales of the War #1, Quinn meets with Captain Tom Paris on Stardate 87305.1, two days after the start of the Iconian invasion, They discuss the formation of Delta Flight. This story serves as a prelude to “Delta Flight”.
  • In Tales of the War #14, Quinn records a personal log entry at Earth Spacedock on Stardate 87264.5. He reflects on the disastrous events of “Broken Circle”, and privately disputes claims that the attack on the Herald Sphere was even a partial victory. He notes that Herald attacks have increased since the attack, and that L'Miren's Heralds are now joining the fight. He notes that while Starfleet had elected to reject the Krenim weapon, he fears that recent events will cause Starfleet Command to reevaluate that decision.
  • In "New Episode: Sunrise," Quinn confers with his aide, Linnea. With the Iconian War now over, Quinn is concerned that recent graduates of Starfleet Academy, their training accelerated while the war was still ongoing, may be ill-equipped for Starfleet's return to missions of exploration and diplomacy.
  • Infiltrate and Destroy in Operation: Wolf!: With renewed aggressions from the Mirror universe, and the windfall of a surprising new ally against the Terran Empire, Starfleet is conducting training simulations of a commando raid on the Mirror Universe Earth Spacedock to ensure its officers are well disciplined in performing counter-Terran operations. In order to do so, Admiral Jorel Quinn confers with Admiral Leeta to discuss their simulation perameters.


Lieutenant Linnea, Quinn's secretary, standing next to the Admiral.

  • Admiral Quinn's secretary is Lieutenant Linnea, a female Ocampa standing next to him.
  • Admiral Quinn's hobbies include horticulture and he is known to keep an award-winning Andorian Orchid in his office on ESD.
  • We learn in “Mine Enemy” that Admiral Quinn has a heart condition and is undergoing treatment for it.
  • Quinn was given voice acting in Season 9: A New Accord for the mission “Surface Tension” (voiced by Tom Haney) and several subsequent missions (voiced by Brook Chalmers)
  • Cryptic's lead writer Christine Thompson has denied previous theories of Quinn being the head of Starfleet Command, as this post is supposed to be saved for "someone special." [1]
  • Jorel Quinn may be inspired by Jor-El of Superman fame.


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