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StarfleetJulian Bashir
Julian Bashir.jpg
Military Rank:
Lieutenant Commander
Deep Space 9
Voiced by:
Alexander Siddig

Doctor Julian Bashir is a Human Starfleet officer, and former Chief Medical Officer of Deep Space 9. He is married to the captain of the U.S.S. Aventine, Ezri Dax, with whom he has children.


  • 2341: Bashir is born to Richard and Amsha Bashir.
  • 2347: Bashir's parents, concerned about his delayed intellectual development, take him to Adigeon Prime where, over the course of two months, he underwent extensive and illegal genetic therapy. These treatments led to vast improvements in his mental abilities, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, vision, stamina, height, and weight.
  • 2368: Bashir graduates from Starfleet Academy as salutatorian.
  • 2369: Lieutenant Bashir is assigned to Deep Space 9 as Chief Medical Officer under the command of Benjamin Sisko.
  • 2373: Bashir's genetic modifications are revealed, causing his father to face a one-year prison term.
  • 2374 - 2375: Bashir fights in the Dominion War and eventually becomes romantically involved with Ezri Dax.
  • Date Unknown: Doctor Bashir treats Quark for radiation poisoning aboard Deep Space 9 following an encounter with an Undine infiltrator.
  • Date Unknown: Bashir leaves Starfleet to start a private practice on Trill.
  • Date Unknown: The Federation Science Council gives Dr. Bashir permission to test various forms of genetic modification at Korvat Medical Lab to find treatments for degenerative diseases such as the Irumodic Syndrome.

Missions involved[]

In a Starfleet EV suit

  • ALL “Storm Clouds Gather”: In the wake of the Hur'q attack on Deep Space 9, the new recommissioned Bashir is assigned to the station as a consultant.
  • ALL “Armistice”: Bashir accompanies the player and Kai Kira Nerys on an assignment to the Olt System, where a prison moon as been attacked by the Hur'q. The team is able to cure the Ennis, Nol-Ennis, and Kai Opaka of the nanotechnology in their systems that sustained their lives indefinitely, but prevented them from leaving the moon.
  • ALL “Quark's Lucky Seven”: Bashir treat's Brunt's injuries following the player's excursion into Iconian space, and analyzes scans of the Sword of Kahless. He determines that the blade is over four thousand years old, and fashioned out of a Hur'q carapace. He is able to trace the material's origin and locate the Hur'q homeworld, Havas-Kul.
  • ALL “Tenebris Torquent”: Bashir joins the player on an expedition to Havas-Kul. He discovers that the Hur'q require an enzyme derived from a fungus once found on their homeworld, which was removed by the Dominion. Without the enzyme, the Hur'q suffered from a type of malnutrition, manifesting in a number of neurological disorders. Bashir realizes that this enzyme is a precursor to Ketracel.
  • ALL “Home”: Bashir develops a program to help the Hur'q synthesize their missing enzyme. Aboard a Hur'q dreadnought in orbit of Empersa, he, Loriss. and Dukan'Rex override the computer core, transmit the program, and instruct the Hur'q fleet to replicate the cure, with the process costing Dukan'Rex his life. Following the battle, Bashir opts to join his wife aboard the U.S.S. Aventine, as part of a joint operation with the Lukari to help restore the Hur'q civilization.

Missions formerly involved[]

Other involvement[]

Bashir in DS9's Infirmary

  • "A Warrior Reborn": In 2410, Doctor Oskar Mazur of Starfleet Medical reveals that he had consulted with Doctor Bashir prior to restoring the memories of Kurn, as Bashir had been the original surgeon who had erased them.
  • "Spores": Bashir finds himself trapped in a cavern, hanging upside-down from a bundle of alien mycelium. He calls the Aventine for assistance, and Captain Dax, coordinating with Captain Kuumaarke of the Reskava, works to rescue him. Once aboard the Aventine, Bashir speaks with his wife and Kuumaarke about unusual fungi that have been encountered recently, including the Elachi, the Imaga megafungi, and the ketracel precursor. Ezri mentions a scientist named Paul Stamets, who had theorized about a multidimensional mycelial network, and Bashir suggests the idea has merits, and that much of the fungi discovered throughout the galaxy may have a common progenitor.


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