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Federation Jupiter-class Dreadnought
Jupiter class.png
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The Jupiter-class Dreadnought is a large Federation dreadnought design in service in 2409. Though older than the Galaxy-X and Odyssey-class dreadnoughts, the Jupiter is still a formidable warship that requires multiple vessels working together to defeat.



Vessels of the Class[]

Image Class Named Vessels
Jupiter class.png Jupiter-class U.S.S. Advance
U.S.S. Eridani
U.S.S. Jupiter (default)
U.S.S. Marlowe
U.S.S. Raleigh
U.S.S. Uhlmann
U.S.S. Zodiac

Hull Strength[]

Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty

Missions encountered[]





  • The Jupiter was the first dreadnought-level Federation ship introduced into the game. Despite this, it was the last of the Federation dreadnought-level starship designs to be made playable in the form of the Jupiter Class Carrier, although the vessel had been redesigned.
  • The Jupiter Class Dreadnought has been largely replaced by the Odyssey and Galaxy class vessels, but can still be seen in a few instances.

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