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KrenimK.I.V. Annorax
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Cruiser (Mob)

The K.I.V. Annorax (originally K.I.S. Annorax) is a Krenim temporal warship. The vessel is armed with a superweapon capable of erasing the target from the space-time continuum, creating an alternate timeline in which the target never existed.


The vessel was designed by a Krenim scientist named Annorax in the 22nd Century. He sought to restore the Krenim Imperium to glory by erasing the Rilnar species from history, but in his haste he accidentally decimated the Krenim and erased his wife from the timeline. Over the next two hundred years he attempted to correct his mistakes, erasing one species after another, before finally being defeated by an alternate U.S.S. Voyager. Annorax's vessel accidentally erased itself from the timestream during the battle, undoing all the damage it had wrought. In the new, restored history, Annorax abandoned his work to spend more time with his wife; however, the Krenim maintained a record of his work. (Star Trek Voyager: Year of Hell)



Missions involved[]

Iconian War[]

Being pursued by the Borg, the Annorax fires its weapon on a Borg transwarp gate.

The Annorax opens a time portal above Earth during the final battle against the Iconians

  • Faction Khitomer.png “Time in a Bottle”: The Krenim survivors of a genocidal Vaadwaur invasion make contact with the player in the Kyana System, where they propose constructing Annorax's ship and using it as a weapon against the Iconians.
  • Faction Khitomer.png “Broken Circle”: Using a space station in the Kyana system as construction lab, the Annorax is nearing completion, but the Delta Alliance - fearing the devastation it could wreak, and doubtful it can be completed in time anyway - decide to launch an all-out attack on the Herald Sphere instead. The attack fails, forcing the Alliance to embrace the Krenim project.
  • Faction Khitomer.png “Butterfly”: The weapon is completed, and while under the command of Captain Nog is used against an asteroid, whose impact in the past will destroy the archeological site on Denius III and thereby create a timeline in which the U.S.S. Yamato failed to rediscover Iconia in 2365. The incursion results in a reality where the Borg have assimilated Romulus by 2390, and the weapon is used against the Borg transwarp network to prevent the Collective from leaving the Delta Quadrant. A side-effect of these incursions is that the Tuterian race ceases to exist, having been themselves assimilated decades ago.
  • Faction Khitomer.png “Midnight”: The Annorax, now under the command of Noye, is modified to create a temporal vortex to allow the player to go back in time to eliminate the Iconians before they become a threat. The Annorax arrives in the Sol System as the Iconians are attacking Earth and must be defended from Herald attack until she can open the vortex.

Future Proof[]

  • Faction Khitomer.png “Time and Tide”: Noye hijacks the Annorax and takes her to the year 2769 to disrupt the signing of the Temporal Accords. Noye explains that he intends to use the ship to destroy the Federation in revenge for the loss of his wife Clauda. Having been modified during Noye's travels through the timestream, the Annorax now uses a "K.I.V." prefix, and has incorporated Sphere Builder technology.
  • Faction Khitomer.png “Ragnarok”: Noye commands the Annorax at the Battle of Procyon V. The player boards the Annorax and defeats Noye. The player then shuts down the Annorax's temporal core.



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