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Military Rank:
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Death year:
Voiced by:
Liam McIntyre

Kahless II is a clone of the legendary Kahless the Unforgettable, who was the first emperor of Qo'noS. Though executive power within the Klingon Empire rests with the high council and Chancellor J'mpok, Emperor Kahless is considered the ceremonial head of state.


Kahless was cloned in 2369 by clerics of the monastery on Boreth, who wished to fulfill a prophecy of the return of Kahless the Unforgettable. After the clerics' fraud was discovered, Kahless was still allowed to become Emperor of the Klingon Empire, a largely inspirational and ceremonial position.

Late in 2403, Kahless handpicked a crew from the Order of the Bat'leth and departed on the I.K.S. Batlh. Kahless left a message behind saying that the Klingons no longer need his guidance, so he was departing to look for new battles to fight. Kahless promised to return when he was most needed.

By 2408 Emperor Kahless sought a quest to prove himself to the Klingon people, rather than living in the shadow of Kahless the Unforgettable. Worf, believing his sincerity, revealed the last known location of the Sword of Kahless to him and Kahless successfully retrieved it and returned to Qo'noS. ( “Destiny”)

Missions involved[]

  • KDF “Destiny”: In 2409, the player helps to fight off Fek'Ihri forces boarding the Batlh in the Sanek System and then seeks out the Emperor on the bridge in order to find the Sword of Kahless with which to defeat Molor and drive them back.
  • KDF “Afterlife”: Klingon players and Captain Kagran accompany Emperor Kahless to the Boreth monastery, where they reclaim the Sword of Kahless from D'Jar and the Fek'Ihri. While Kagran and Tenavik stand watch, the player and Kahless cross into Gre'thor and defeat Molor.
  • ALL “House Pegh”: In 2410, Kahless, the leader of the secret House Pegh, joins the player in a battle with the Iconians. The Emperor decides to fight T'Ket alone with nothing but the Sword of Kahless, giving the player time to shut down an Omega Generator. With the player's help, Kahless subdues his opponent and cuts off the Iconian's arm; however, as he prepares to deliver the final blow, T'Ket uses a gateway to teleport behind Kahless and kill him. Ramir and Kagran vow to honor his sacrifice.

Missions mentioned[]

  • ALL “Knowledge is Power”: Tenavik brings Martok, J'Ula and Adet'pa to the cloning chamber on Boreth, the location where Kahless was cloned, following the second vision J'Ula experienced during her trials. J'Ula references his sacrifice against the Iconians and the three of them watch as Tenavik and the monks create a clone of Chancellor L'Rell.

Missions formerly involved[]

Other involvement[]

  • "Gateway to Gre'thor" (blog): Kahless addresses all warriors of the Klingon Empire and its allies in the aftermath of an Iconian attack on Qo'noS.



  • Bat'leth Impale
  • Bat'leth Takedown


Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
Shields Health Shields Health Shields Health
31 874 2,796 - - - -



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