Kal Dano's Timeship

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Federation Kal Dano's Timeship
Kal Dano's Timeship.png
Kal Dano
Active (2410)

Kal Dano's Timeship is a 31st-century timeship under the command of Kal Dano. It uses compactified subspace manifolds to create a ship interior that is bigger than its outside volume. It is no bigger than a shuttle but it is as powerful as a battleship.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Vorgon Conclusions”: Daniels gives Kal Dano the timeship, allowing him to escape a Vorgon attack in the 27th Century.
  • “Sunrise”: Dano arrives at the Lukari homeworld to assist the player and Kuumaarke's efforts to stabilize the local star. They are attacked by Tholians in their efforts to do so; while they are able to repel the Tholians and repair the star, the Tholians escape with Dano's Tox Uthat.
  • “Stormbound”: The Tholians manage to use the Tox Uthat on the star of the Na'kuhl System. After retrieving the device, Dano uses his ship to transport the player's vessel to the 22nd Century, where they hide the Tox Uthat on Risa. After returning to 2410, the U.S.S. Pastak answers a temporal distress call sent by Dano's Timeship shortly before he vanishes into a time vortex during a renewed fight against the Tholians in the Na'kuhl System. After Cpt. Walker invites the player to the Pastak's bridge, they manage to retrieve Kal Dano's decayed corpse and Timeship, which had traveled back to the early 22nd Century. A few decades later, the crew of the Enterprise (NX-01) had found the capsule drifting in space and managed to activate the capsule's temporal distress beacon, causing it to automatically travel back to 2410.

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