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Military Rank:
Jem'Hadar Elder
Critter Rank 4 icon.png
Birth year:
24th century
Death year:
Voiced by:
Adam Harrington

First Kar'ukan was a Jem'Hadar Elder in the Dominion fleet coming to join the Dominion War in 2374. At Sisko's behest, the Prophets prevented his fleet from reaching the Alpha Quadrant. However they merely displaced the fleet in time, causing it to reappear in 2409. Kar'ukan served as the executive officer of Loriss once they captured Deep Space 9

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Second Wave”: When Jem'Hadar troops board Deep Space 9, Kar'ukan beams directly into Ops. He catches Commander Karen Andrews unaware and kills her from behind with his kar'takin. When the Vorta in charge, Loriss, announces the occupation of the station, the Elder can be seen manning Ops.
  • ALL “Of Bajor”: Kar'ukan, manning Ops, is receiving the hail from Captain James Kurland and the player but Loriss takes over the conversation.
    • ALL “Subspace Spyworks”: The player can accidentally contact Kar'ukan by calling Ops on DS9 when attempting to gather intelligence regarding the situation on the station.
  • ALL “Facility 4028”: Kar'ukan and several of his men break in to Facility 4028 and offer their services to the Female Changeling, who is being held there. The Founder instead condemns him for failing to arrive during the Dominion War. Kar'ukan goes rogue and orders his men to capture her and kill everyone else in the facility. He then returns to his own ship and tries to destroy the player's vessel, unconcerned with the Founder's safety. The player escapes with the Founder, thanks to Captain Va'Kel Shon of the U.S.S. Belfast who leads a small fleet to defend the facility.
  • ALL “Boldly They Rode”: Kar'ukan refuses to turn over Deep Space Nine to Starfleet despite being ordered to do so by the Founder. After fighting the player in Ops, he beams to his ship, a Jem'Hadar Dreadnought, and is presumably killed when it is destroyed.


  • According to IMDB, Kar'ukan is voiced by Adam Harrington, who is also credited with voicing Rugan Skyl.
  • Kar'ukan's asset is available in the Foundry as the NPC contact Jem'Hadar Commander Male 04. His tooltip reads, "His larger stature and menacing appearance made him a natural target for bullies."
  • Along with other Jem'Hadar models, Kar'ukan was significantly redesigned with the release of Victory is Life in 2018. His pre-ViL design can be seen in the gallery below.


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