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VaadwaurKartella Prime

Kartella System
Yontasa Sector
Delta Quadrant

Kartella Prime is a planet in the Kartella System of the Delta Quadrant. It was the site of a Vaadwaur stasis facility and by 2410 serves as one of their stronghold worlds, seemingly second only to Vaadwaur Prime in importance.


Barely registering as M-Class and beset by almost constant electrical storms, Kartella Prime has never been a prime target for colonization. However, its abundant deposites of dilithium and uridium were enough to attract groups of miners. Over the centuries, the planet has been populated by groups from more than a dozen species. Decades of deep mining took its toll. The veins that cross Katrella Prime were exhausted one by one, and the miners moved elsewhere.

Missions Involved[]

  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “The Dragon's Deceit”: Tracking Vaadwaur ship traffic to Kartella Prime, the player infiltrates the caverns beneath the surface to discover both a Vaadwaur stasis facility and the origin of the Vaadwaur Overseer fought “previously's” "invinciblity". The player leaves having formed an alliance with Vaadwaur Commander Eldex.
  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Revolution”: On Eldex's request, the player and Seven of Nine return to Kartella Prime to expose the Vaadwaur leadership as being controlled by the Bluegill, using a rally led by Gaul as their stage. While various Vaadwaur leaders are revealed to host Bluegill, Gaul himself manages to avoid the trap and the Vaadwaur enter into a civil war between Gaul's loyalists and Eldex's forces.