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This is for the NPC ship. You may be looking for the playable Keldon-class Cruiser.
Cardassian Keldon class
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The Keldon Class is a Cardassian-built battleship used by both the Cardassian Union and the True Way Alliance throughout the Cardassian Front. They have a similar design to the Galor Class, but are larger and slower.

The Keldon has the ability to generate two Galor Class holograms when its hull drops below 75%. Keeping the attack focused on the Keldon and destroying it will also destroy the Photonic Galors. The Photonic Fleet the vessel produces are easily negated by using the Reverse Shield Polarity ability as their armament only consists of phaser weapons. Using Evasive Maneuvers to move out of range momentarily will cause the holograms to disappear. The Keldon will not regenerate them when you move back into range.



Hull strength[]

Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
30 30823 - -

Missions involved[]

Vessels of the Class[]

Faction Image Class Named Vessels
Faction True Way.png Axon.png Keldon class Axon
C.U.V. Damar



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