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Starfleet and Klingon ships in the alternate reality

Klingon uniforms

The Kelvin Timeline is a alternative quantum universe created when the Romulan Nero traveled to 2233 and destroyed the Federation starship U.S.S. Kelvin. The subsequent history and development of this timeline is significantly different from those of the "Prime" universe.


In 2233, the mining vessel Narada appeared and destroyed the Federation starship U.S.S. Kelvin, killing a large number of her crew, including George Kirk.

As a consequence, James T. Kirk grew up without his father's influence to join Starfleet. However, he was eventually persuaded by Christopher Pike.

In 2258, the Jellyfish appeared and was captured by Nero, as part of his revenge for the destruction of Romulus in the prime timeline. He leaves Spock on Delta Vega to witness the destruction of Vulcan. After, Nero attempts to destroy Earth, but is stopped by the U.S.S. Enterprise. (Star Trek (2009))

This incident changed the very nature of Starfleet, which starts searching for possible threats in deep space. At one point, Alexandar Marcus, the leader of Section 31, found a ship called SS Botany Bay, which carried augments from Earth's distant Eugenic Wars. Marcus revived Khan Noonien Singh and recruited him to fabricate weapons which could be used in a potential war against the Klingon Empire. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Around that time, the Sphere-Builders from prime timeline came in contact with the Klingons and tasked them with guarding the Spheres they were secretly building throughout the quadrant. ( “Terminal Expanse”)

In 2259, Khan turned against Starfleet, destroying a Section 31 base located in London and fleeing to Qo'nos. The crew of the Enterprise successfully captured him, but was almost destroyed by Admiral Marcus, who took command of an experimental vessel called U.S.S. Vengeance. Marcus, attempted to stop the Enterprise from reaching Earth, but ultimately failed. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

A year later, Enterprise set out on her five-year mission of exploration.

Aware of the Sphere Builder threat, Starfleet worked hard at developing new tactics which could be used to destroy Tuterian spheres. In 2260, the U.S.S. Yorktown, under the command of Admiral Garrett, with the assistance from a vessel from the prime timeline, destroyed one of the newer sphere networks, halting the Sphere Builder advance into the Kelvin Timeline. ( “Terminal Expanse”)

In 2263, Baltazar Edison, also called Krall, destroyed the Enterprise, and then tried to kill everyone aboard the a Federation starbase Yorktown, only to be stopped by Kirk, who took command of an old Starfleet vessel, U.S.S. Franklin. (Star Trek Beyond)

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