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DSC StarfleetKensington
Military Rank:
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Information giver

Admiral Kensington is a Starfleet Admiral stationed at Starfleet Academy and Starbase 1 in 2256.

Missions given[]

Missions involved[]

  • DSC “Reporting In”: The reports to Admiral Kensington upon returning to Starfleet Academy from the training cruise. She grants the player permanent command of the Tutorial Starship.
  • ALL “Downfall”: Kensington provides orders from Starbase 1 throughout the Klingon attack. The Admiral is presumably killed when the hull and bulkhead near her rupture when House D'Ghor vessels decloak and attack the station. Her last words were to order all hands to abandon Starbase 1 after failing to contend the damage.
  • ALL “Defense of Starbase One”: A holographic recreation of Kensington guides Captains throughout the Defense of Starbase 1.
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