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Kentar from orbit

Class-D moon
Class-L moon
Native Species:
Huranzi System
Alpha Quadrant

Kentar is a planet in the Huranzi System and the original homeworld of the Lukari (then part of the species called the Kentari).


  • At some point in time, Kentar was the homeworld of the Kentari species. Obsessed with power and material wealth, Kentari fought constantly, bringing their world, and their people, on the verge of complete annihilation. In an attempt to put an end to the destruction, Lukari, a group following the teachings of the scholar Lukar, stood against the rest of the society. Terrible schism between two groups led to a civil war. After losing the war, many Lukari went into self-imposed exile in what became known as the Great Exodus.
  • Not wanting to remember that terrible part of their history, Lukari purged their records of all information regarding Kentar, including its coordinates. Only a few remained aware of its location.
  • Kentari continued fighting one another until their world was no longer capable of supporting life. In a final attempt to save themselves, they tried to terraform one of Kentar's moons, Kaalat, but failed, turning the class-L moon into a barren wasteland.
  • Huranzi System and Kentar were rediscovered in 2410 by Lukari and the Alliance, during their search for the Tzenkethi superweapon. Scans detected incredible levels of radiation and atmospheric pollution, as well as ruins of once-great Kentari cities.
  • A debate over whether the planet should be resettled ensued across the Lukari's adopted home. In a planet-wide referendum, 73% of its inhabitants voted against the restoration of the planet's ecosystem. However, the decision was made to restore its moon Kaalat instead.

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