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Na'kuhl Khaerops-class Dreadnought
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The Khaerops-class Dreadnought is a dreadnought design employed by the Na'kuhl. Commanded by only the most important members of Vosk's insurgency, these Dreadnoughts are capable of completely annihilating anything that stands in their path. Utilizing the advanced Out of Phase technology, Khaerops is able to withstand a large amount of damage, making it one of the most durable dreadnoughts yet encountered.


Season 11: New Dawn[]

Season 11.5-onwards[]


Missions involved[]

  • Faction FED23.png “Tangled Webs”: Khaerops Dreadnought is part of a Na'kuhl squadron responsible for the destruction of the Tholian colony fleet. Tholian Queen sacrifices her life by ramming her ship into the Dreadnought and thus preventing the Na'kuhl from changing the timeline.
  • Faction Khitomer.png “The Temporal Front”: Several Khaerops Dreadnoughts are part of a Na'kuhl fleet which manages to jump through time before being stopped by the player and U.S.S. Pastak.
  • Faction Khitomer.png “Red Alert: Na'kuhl”: Khaerops Dreadnoughts are a part of a larger battle group sent to seek out and destroy objects and people of temporal significance.
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