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You may be looking for the duty officer named N'Vek.
Romulan Star EmpireKhaiel N'Vek
Khaiel N'Vek.png
Military Rank:
Romulan Commander
Death year:

Khaiel N'Vek is a Romulan Commander and a member of the Tal Shiar. In 2409 he commands the I.R.W. Fraire.

Missions involved[]

  • ROM “Sleepers”: The player, undercover as a Tal Shiar operative, assists N'Vek in the salvage of a Borg Cube in the T'liss System. When the drones aboard the cube wake up, N'Vek assists the player in finding the other members of the salvage team and escaping.
  • FED “Desperate Measures”: N'Vek is in command of Gasko Station, where he has kidnapped the families of station personnel to ensure their cooperation as he uses them in his research into Borg technology, including experimentation involving implanting Borg technology into living subjects. N'Vek is killed when Starfleet forces raid the station, seeking to put an end to the Tal Shiar's Borg research.



  • Khaiel N'Vek may possibly be named for Subcommander N'Vek from the TNG episode Face of the Enemy (episode), despite distinct differences between the two characters. He could also be a relative of said officer.
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