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Romulan Star EmpireKhiana
Military Rank:
New Romulus

Khiana is a Romulan Subcommander serving the Tal Shiar in 2410.

Missions involved[]

  • “Hidden Camera”: Khiana attempts to talk D'Tan into letting the Tal Shiar "advise" him from the shadows, but is rebuffed.
  • “Secret Shuttle Codes”: Khiana reports to Commander Ruul that she has failed to persuade D'Tan, and suggests that he be replaced with someone "more accommodating" to the Tal Shiar's agenda. Ruul however turns down her suggestion in lieu of enlisting aid from the Hirogen.


  • As Subcommander Khiana isn't present during the assault on the Tal Shiar base in the Mountain Pass, her current status after reporting to Commander Ruul in "Secret Shuttle Codes" is unknown.
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