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KlingonKhitomer System
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Khitomer Sector
Beta Quadrant

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The Khitomer System is a system located in the Khitomer Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

System Description[]

An M-Class planet used as a neutral site multiple times for diplomatic negotiations, Khitomer played a vital role in the formation of the Klingon-Federation alliance of the late 24th century. Host to the historic Khitomer Conference in 2293 which started the first peace negotiations between the Federation and the Empire, by 2346 the planet was home to a Klingon colony destroyed in a sneak Romulan attack known afterwards as the Khitomer Massacre. Taken by the Romulan Star Empire after the attack, it remained in Romulan hands until 2382, when the Klingons took the world back by force over Federation objections. Three years later, all non Klingons were expelled from the planet. The U.S.S. Enterprise-E participated in the evacuation.

Missions Involved[]

  • “Turning Point”: Representatives from the Klingon Empire, Federation, and Romulan Star Empire meet on Khitomer to discuss recognizing the Romulan Republic as a legitimate interstellar power. In orbit, the player's ship discovers three anomalies, which turn out to be hidden ships of the Tal Shiar planning to sabotage the talks.
  • “The Khitomer Discord”: J'mpok sends General Martok to accompany the player to search Khitomer for J'Ula's whereabouts. They first help Kagran and the A.F.S. Khitomer in driving away House Mo'Kai Klingons before beaming down. J'mpok later brings his own fleet above Khitomer and forms an Alliance with Aakar, who transferred the mycelial weapon to his ship. J'mpok fires the weapon on the surface damaging its facilities and killing numerous delegates, but the player, Martok, J'Ula and Adet'pa were able to rescue a few survivors and beam up in time. In orbit, J'mpok silences the player and dishonorably accuses them of betraying the Alliance, ordering Captains Kagran, Shon and Koren to attack them. The player, J’Ula and Adet’pa disable their flagships as instructed by Martok before fleeing the system. Koren or Shon, depending on the player's faction, informs them that J’mpok will soon declare everyone as enemies of the Empire.