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Klingon Empire RebelKlingon Empire Rebel

Snap Dragon crew
Klingon rebels on Nimbus III

NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Klingon, Gorn, Orion
Beta Quadrant
Political System:
Rebel Group
Foreign Policy:
Regime change
Alliance Relations:
Open warfare

Mob Klingon Bird-of-Prey 2
Former KDF starships in rebel hands

Klingon Empire Rebels are former members of the Klingon Empire operating in Beta Quadrant. Many were members of the House of Torg, which was dissolved by Chancellor J'mpok in 2409, after its treacherous collaboration with the Tal Shiar was uncovered.

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Notes[ | ]

  • Using lore 'logic', all members and affiliated Klingons of the House of Torg should be considered Klingon Empire Rebels. The actual game logic however places virtually all Klingon NPCs in the "Klingon Empire" faction, regardless of whether or not they are actually allied with the player character. Consequentially, almost all enemy Klingons players encounter are ineligible for the Klingon Empire Rebel Kill Accolade. This leaves three NPC mobs in the entire game eligible to complete the three steps of the "Defending the Empire" accolade. That also causes KDF players to end up unlocking the accolades for killing Klingons.
  • You can find Klingon Rebel Ships in the Beta Thoridor System in order to complete the Klingon Empire Rebel Kill Accolade (Space).

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Klingon Empire Rebel
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