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The entrance to the High Council building

The Klingon High Council is the governing body of the Klingon Empire and consists of Councilors headed by a Chancellor.


Inside the Council chambers

The High Council resides in the Klingon capital, the First City on Qo'noS. Seat of government is the Great Hall. Councilors are usually the leaders of the most powerful and influtential Great Houses. However, small houses may also provide members of the High Council if backed by another Great House. Due to the social structure of the Empire there are no political parties; rather, the Houses represent political positions. As such, blood feuds between different families can have significant impact on political decisions concerning the wealth of the entire Klingon Empire. Stemming from a patriarchal tradition there are no females serving in the High Council. Decisions of the High Council are based on the reports from governmental agencies such as KDF and Klingon Intelligence.

The council chambers with L'Rell as the new Chancellor in 2411.


  • After the Romulan Star Empire descend into civil war after Praetor Shinzon's short reign, the High Council decides to forcibly retake Khitomer and the surrounding territoy in 2382.
  • More ships are sent to the border of Gorn Hegemony by Chancellor Martok. (2384)
  • The Klingons decide to repel all non-Klingons from Khitomer as a "safety measure" in 2385.
  • 2388: Chancellor Martok refuses to send aid to the Romulans after the destruction of their homeworld.
  • Shortly after, then-Councilor J'mpok demands reparation pay for the lost fleet the KDF sent to protect planet Vulcan form the Narada. Although Martok decides against an attack on the Federation, relations with the multispecies alliance are severly damaged.
  • Multiple victories are won by the KDF after the High Council orders ten Romulan ships destroyed for every Klingon warrior killed by Nero.
  • After analysts project that Klingon ressources will be stretched thin by a two-front war the High Council ends the Romulan campaign and focuses on the war against the Gorn Hegemony.
  • J'mpok defeats Martok in an honor duel in 2393, becoming the new Chancellor.
  • In 2394, Klingons and Orions enter a mutual defense and nonaggression pact. The High Council allow the Orions to resettle on Ter'jas Mor. The Orions become members of the Klingon Empire.
  • The Federation Council condemns the Klingon invasion of the Gorn Hegemony in 2399. Thus, the Empire pulls out of the Khitomer Accords.
  • When the war against the Gorn is won the Hegemony is annexed into the Empire. The Gorn are allowed to self-rule and King Slathis gains a non-voting seat in the High Council. (2404)
  • With the invasion of Korvat in 2405 the Third Klingon-Federation War begins.
  • Later the same year, King Slathis brokers a pact between the Empire and the Nausicaans.
  • Federation requests for peace talks are ignored by Chancellor J'mpok. (2406)
  • Letheans open negotiations for gaining membership in the Empire but progress is slow as it is seen as a low priority by the High Council. (2407)
  • Facing a common foe in the Borg Collective, the Klingon High Councils grudgingly agrees to a cease-fire in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block. Empire and Federation form the Battle Group Omega, a joint force to battle the Borg. (2409)
  • The High Council agrees to provide assistance to the Romulan Republic, the Council being particularly moved by Temer's actions in saving Councilman Woldan's life at the cost of his own. (2409)
  • The entire High Council, aside from the Chancellor, is killed by the Iconian M'Tara during the agreement on an armistice with the Federation. (2410)
  • J'Ula calls for a meeting with the High Council which resulted in a new Klingon Civil War. The High Council is then dismissed by now self-claiming "Emperor", Chancellor J'mpok. 'Emperor' J'mpok's reign ends as he falls to J'Ula in a duel to the death in the Great Hall during the final battle of Qo'noS, but J'Ula passes the Chancellorship to L'Rell, who was cloned by Tenavik and the monks on Boreth as a replacement of J'mpok, instead. (2411)

Members of the Klingon High Council[]

List of Chancellors[]

List of Councilors[]

  • Cha'lak (Killed by M'Tara in 2410)
  • Ganbral
  • K'lek (Killed by M'Tara in 2410)
  • Kriton (Killed by M'Tara in 2410)
  • S'kopa (Killed by M'Tara in 2410)
  • Terrath (Killed by M'Tara in 2410)
  • Woldan (Killed by M'Tara in 2410)
  • King Slathis (granted a non-voting seat in 2403)

Former Councilors[]

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