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KlingonKlingon Liberated Borg Bridge Officer Candidate
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The Klingon Liberated Borg Bridge Officer Candidate (named Borg Bridge Officer on the Zen Store) is a unique engineering bridge officer candidate that is available either as a pre-order bonus or from the Zen Store for 500 Zen small icon.png. It came bundled with the game for those players who pre-ordered the Amazon Collector's Edition, Amazon.co.uk Special Edition retail exclusive, or the Newegg.com Logitech bundle.

By default, the appearance of the liberated Borg bridge officer candidate is of the cybernetic suit typical to Borg drones, but this can be customized at the tailor as with standard bridge officers. This allows players to change body and facial characteristics, and use any uniforms available to them.

The liberated Borg bridge officer candidate has special traits that are not availble in standard bridge officers, though they share those traits available to Liberated Borg characters. It is also one of very few bridge officer candidates to have the Efficient trait, making it highly sought after.

Note: Unlocking this candidate does not allow characters to claim the Federation equivalent candidate, which must be purchased separately.

Store description[edit | edit source]

Rescued from a honorless existence as a Borg drone, this officer is ready to join your crew!

Acquisition and Claiming[edit | edit source]

Players who purchased this officer prior to Season 5, or received it via the Amazon pre-order / Logitech bundle can claim this item for every Federation character on their account from the "Legacy Unlocks" section of the Zen Store. It's received as a candidate and is bound.

Starting with Season 5, this officer became a single-character unlock when purchased from the Zen Store. The officer now comes packaged in a crate, which can be traded between characters, players, or sold on the exchange. When the crate is opened, the officer becomes a candidate and is bound to that character.

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