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Kobali forces defending their homeworld

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Delta Quadrant
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Kobali Prime
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Delta Alliance
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The Kobali are a humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant and members of the Delta Alliance. They are known for their unusual reproductive method of reviving corpses of other humanoids and turning them into Kobali.

Biology[ | ]

Kobali have six-lobed brains which give them natural abilities in fields such as physics, mathematics and wave phenomena.

Their most distinctive characteristic, however, is their method of reproduction. After series of genetic experiments, Kobali became unable to reproduce using traditional means. They add to their population by using a genetic virus to reanimate deceased members of other species, rewriting the body's genetic code and converting it to Kobali. This process typically results in complete memory loss of the individual's former life. However, sometimes the reborn experience what the Kobali refer to as the kyn'steya, remembering their previous lives and having trouble accepting their new identities as Kobali. Jhet'leya speculates that humans may be more susceptible to kyn'steya.

History[ | ]

Originally living a nomadic lifestyle in large generational ships, the Kobali turned an M-class world in the Kotaba Sector into a permanent homeworld around 2320. In 2376, the U.S.S. Voyager made first contact, when a crewmember who had died earlier instinctively sought out her former ship after she was revived by the Kobali.

People[ | ]

Bridge officers[ | ]

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NPCs[ | ]

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Duty officers[ | ]

See List of Kobali duty officers

Missions involved[ | ]


M'hetya, a female Kobali

General Q'Nel

Q'Nel, a male Kobali

  • ALL “Ocampan Freighter Patrol”: Kobali help defend an Ocampan convoy led by Kela against alien scavengers.
  • ALL “Trakia System Patrol”: The Kobali send a cruiser to assist the player during the inspection of a Hirogen subspace communication array.
  • ALL “The Kobali Front”: Player is sent by an Alliance contact to Kobali Prime, to assist the Kobali in the war against the Vaadwaur.
  • ALL “Kobali Crisis Act I”:
    • “The Cavalry”: General Q'Nel, commanding the Kobali's fight against the invading Vaadwaur, asks the player to assist Kobali soldiers in the capital, and defend a Vaadwaur assault on the city gates.
    • “The Son”: The player meets with Hanchon Jetanian outside the city. Jetanian asks the player to help motivate frightened troops, and to repair a transporter pad disabled by the Vaadwaur. Meanwhile, Captain Harry Kim reveals his concerns that the Kobali are hiding something.
    • “The Temple of my People”: The player and Captain Kim investigate Kim's suspicions of the Kobali temple. Inside, they discover that the Kobali are keeping Vaadwaur stasis pods, and are putting dead Vaadwaur from failed pods through their rebirth process.
    • “Data Recovery”: The player recovers biological and surveillance data from a Kobali base which has been overrun by the Vaadwaur, and erases the data from the computers.
  • ALL “Kobali Crisis Act II”:
    • “Looming Shadows”: After examining the bodies of fallen Vaadwaur, the player discovers that the Vaadwaur have used data on Kobali biology to develop a vaccine against the Kobali's genetic virus. After further investigation, the player discovers that the Vaadwaur plan to infect all species on the planet - living and dead - with the virus, rendering the Kobali unable to reproduce.
    • “Hidden Assault”: The player recovers data on the Vaadwaur weapons from a former Vaadwaur base. The data reveal that the Vaadwaur have also developed a biological weapon which can instantly kill Kobali, confirming the Vaadwaur plan to commit genocide against the Kobali people.
    • “A New Warfare”: The player attacks a Vaadwaur base and obtains the original strain of the Vaadwaur virus.
  • ALL “Kobali Crisis Act III”:
    • “Breaking the Wall”: In an effort to prevent the Vaadwaur from deploying their virus, the player leads an assault on the Vaadwaur's forward base.
    • “With Our Last Breath”: The player attacks the Vaadwaur base of operations, destroys the virus, and defeats Vaadwaur Overseer Mengin.
    • “Our Chance for Peace”: The Kobali promise to cease putting deceased Vaadwaur through the rebirth process, to maintain Vaadwaur stasis pods which are still functioning, and to make efforts to return the pods to the Vaadwaur if, and when, the Vaadwaur cease their attack on the city.
  • ALL “Orendal System Patrol”: The Hierarchy uses a captured Kobali Cruiser to lure the player into trap.
  • ALL “Alliances”: A Kobali Battleship (which is actually a Kobali Cruiser), is present at the Alliance summit.
  • ALL “Takedown”: The Kobali participate in the Delta Alliance's attack on Vaadwaur Prime by providing hospital ships taking care of the wounded, including Vaadwaur, behind the front lines.
  • ALL “Dust to Dust”: After Jhet'leya revives the original Harry Kim as Keten, he experiences the kyn'steya, not accepting his new identity as Kobali. He escapes, and his attempts to contact his former ship cause the Vaadwaur to launch a new offensive against the temple on Kobali Prime. Although Keten manages to hijack the new Kobali flagship, the K.D.C. Samsar, Jhet'leya and the player can finally convince him to accept his new life. Afterward, Jhet'leya pledges that the Kobali will compile a list of all bodies currently held by the Kobali, and that their families will have the option to reclaim them, preventing them from undergoing rebirth. Rebirth will be presented as an option for all members of allied species.
  • ALL “Midnight”: Kobali ships Manusi and Sotunde are among the Alliance vessels defending the Sol System from an Iconian assault.

Military[ | ]

According to the information discovered by the Alliance Intelligence Network, Kobali technology is similar to Federation. Nevertheless, Kobali vessels often failed to survive encounters with a much more powerful and ruthless Vaadwaur fleet. In 2410, with the assistance from the Alliance, Kobali built a new starship class, Samsar Cruiser, which was more than capable in dealing with the Vaadwaur threat.

Starships/Vehicles[ | ]

Ground Forces[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • The Kobali were introduced in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Ashes to Ashes".
  • The Kobali are similar to the Elachi and the Borg in that they can transform members of other species into their own. Unlike the Borg and Elachi, however, the mind inhabiting the reborn body retains free will, as opposed to being drowned out by the Collective, or destroyed outright by the Elachi.

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