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KobaliKobali Prime

Kobali Prime
Kobali Prime backdropped by a gas giant

Kobali System
Kotaba Sector
Delta Quadrant

Kobali Prime surface
The surface

The homeworld of the Kobali, Kobali Prime is an M-class world orbiting a gas giant and site of an adventure zone. It is located in the Kobali System within the Kotaba Sector of the Delta Quadrant.

General information[ | ]

Captain Harry Kim explains main goal in the Kobali Prime Warzone during cutscene after player's first visit.

Hello, Admiral. I'm Captain Harry Kim, Starfleet's military liasion to Kobali Prime. The Vaadwaur have been assaulting the Kobali homeworld for months now. The Kobali are near a breaking point. They're not trained for war, not like the Vaadwaur. The Alliance is here to stop the Vaadwaur and help the Kobali reclaim their home. You and several others will be leading our forces here. I'll be doing some investigations to help support the effort. Good luck.

History[ | ]

Vaadwaur communications intercepted by the player in “With Friends Like These...” reveal that the planet was once a Vaadwaur colony world and was also known as K'bala II.

Around 2320, the Kobali, originally a nomadic species, decided to found a homeworld and built a large city on the temperate western land mass on what is now known as Kobali Prime. By 2410, more than 80 million Kobali live on the planet.

With the support from the Iconians, Vaadwaur seek to restore their long-forgotten empire. Because the Kobali had been using Vaadwaur stored in hybernation chambers beneath the planet's surface to ensure the existence of their own species, Gaul sent a large Vaadwaur fleet to finish them off and reclaim their world.

Locations[ | ]

Kobali Prime Map

The Kobali Prime Warzone

  • Hillside Base
  • Overrun Base
  • Abandoned Vaadwaur Base
  • Forward Vaadwaur Base
  • Vaadwaur Base Beta
  • Final Vaadwaur Base
  • Upper Hillside Base
  • Vaadwaur Base
  • Vaadwaur Forward Base

NPCs[ | ]

Vaadwaur[ | ]

Missions involved[ | ]

Introduction[ | ]

  • ALL “The Kobali Front”: Players are sent to the Kobali Prime adventure zone to assist General Q'Nel commanding the Kobali's fight against the invading Vaadwaur. Once there, liaison officer Captain Harry Kim assists in the coordination of support but also helps in uncovering the Kobali's darker secrets.

Kobali Crisis Act I[ | ]

  • ALL “The Cavalry”: General Q'Nel asks the player to support efforts within the city limits. Later the city gates have to be defended against a Vaadwaur ambush.
  • ALL “The Son”: Q'Nel requests the player's help with locating his son in the trenches outside the city.
  • ALL “The Temple of my People”: After defending a "temple" just outside the city against a Vaadwaur attack, the player and Captain Kim discover a large amount of stasis pods containing Vaadwaur.
  • ALL “Data Recovery”: The player must recover data from a Kobali base which has been overrun by the Vaadwaur.

Kobali Crisis Act II[ | ]

Kobali Crisis Act III[ | ]

Conclusion[ | ]

Found missions[ | ]

Open missions[ | ]

Accolades[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Although the system description refers to Kobali Prime as a planet, from orbit it appears to be a moon orbiting a gas giant. The astrometrics overlay in sector space also clearly depicts Kobali Prime to be a moon orbiting the nearby gas giant.
Kobali Prime Storyline Missions Level Range
Introduction Mission
“The Kobali Front”
Level 51+
Act I
“The Cavalry”“The Son”“The Temple of my People”“Data Recovery”
Level 51+
Act II
“Looming Shadows”“Hidden Assault”“A New Warfare”
Level 52+
“Breaking the Wall”“With Our Last Breath”“Our Chance for Peace”
Level 53+
Kobali Prime Found Missions Level Range
Daily Missions
“Station Cancelled”“Why They Died”“Infiltrating the Infiltrators”“Communications Breakdown”
Level 51+
Kobali Prime Open Missions
“A Decision To Make”“Kobali Killed the Vaadwaur Comm”“The Thin Blue Line”“Strength in the Shadows”“A Disarming Situation”“Recovery Operation”“Supply Denied”
Triggered by Storyline Missions
“Defense at the Gates”“Temple Defense”“Left Behind”“Trapped”“Chemical Strike”“At The Gates”“The Last Stand”
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