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Kobayashi Maru Transponder
Epic Ship Device
Character Bind On Pickup
Unique - Max of one per character
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Summon the Kobayashi Maru for 45 sec which will create a Resupply Pod every 3 sec that travels toward a random friendly player within 10 km
Resupply Pods will grant the player one of the following upon reaching their position:

* +10% Bonus Damage
* +10% Max Hull
* +20 Damage Resistance Rating
* +20% Max Shields
* +20% Speed and Turn

All Resupply Pod bonuses last 30 seconds and do not stack (additional applications refresh the duration)
While in Sector Space Only:
Summoned Freighter allows Mail, Bank, Vendor and Exchange access.
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Kobayashi Maru Transponder icon.png
Epic icon.png

The [Kobayashi Maru Transponder] is a Unique re-usable Ship Device, which summons Kobayashi Maru support vessel. It needs to be equipped in a device slot for use in system space, or in sector space by non-Small Craft. The device was rewarded as an Event Grand Prize for completing the October 2019 Faction Khitomer.png “Kobayashi Maru” Featured Task Force Operation.

Game Description[]

This device is capable of summoning the Kobayashi Maru to your position across the vast distances of space. Doing so provides different functionality depending upon whether you are currently in a system map, or within Sector Space.

When utilizing this device in Sector space, this fabled ship appears and offers services such as Bank Access, Mail Access, and more.

When utilized while in system space, the Kobayashi Maru will arrive to aid in whatever conflicts you might be facing by way of dropping Resupply Pods periodically that will provide combat boosts to you and other nearby players. The Kobayashi Maru will retreat if it becomes too damaged, so protect it in order to maximize the benefits you receive from its presence!

Must be equipped to a Device Slot for use. May not be activated (in system space) while piloting a Small Craft.


When summoned in Sector Space, for 5 minutes allows to sell at 40%, and to buy the following (Ferengi captains do not get any discount):

Icon Name Price
Medical Supplies icon.png
Common icon.png
[Medical Supplies] 100 Energy credit icon.png
Provisions icon.png
Common icon.png
[Provisions] 100 Energy credit icon.png
Shield Generators icon.png
Common icon.png
[Shield Generators] 100 Energy credit icon.png
Communication Arrays icon.png
Common icon.png
[Communication Arrays] 200 Energy credit icon.png
Industrial Energy Cells icon.png
Common icon.png
[Industrial Energy Cells] 400 Energy credit icon.png


  • In system space it can be activated while in combat or out of combat, with a 1 minute 30 seconds recharge time. It does not activate any shared cooldown on Fleet Support or other reinforcement beacons.
  • In Sector Space:
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