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KrenimKrenim Imperium

The leader of the Kyana colony

NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Delta Quadrant
Capital World:
Kyana Prime
Foreign Policy:
Krenim Coalition
Alliance Relations:
Bridge officer only
Unique Traits:
Temporal Applied Science iconTemporal Engineering iconTemporal Tactics icon

The Krenim are a humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant and possess powerful temporal technology which can remove objects and events from history.

In the 22nd Century, the Krenim held over 200 star systems, known as the Krenim Imperium, but by 2170, their numbers were vastly depleted due to a series of large-scale wars. In 2410, the Krenim were swiftly invaded by the Vaadwaur Supremacy, and were thought to have been completely annihilated.

The Krenim survived, hidden, largely thanks to their allies in the Krenim Coalition who work with the Krenim in contributing to the Alliance war effort against the Iconians. As experts in temporal engineering, they were a particular threat to the Iconians and were attacked early on by their servitors in numerous timeline projections.

People[ | ]

Bridge officers[ | ]

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NPCs[ | ]

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Duty officers[ | ]

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Missions involved[ | ]


Spela, a female Krenim

The Delta Quadrant[ | ]

Iconian War[ | ]

  • Faction FedRomKDF “House Pegh”: Iconian database entries reveal that the Iconians are extremely concerned about the possibility of survivors in Krenim space, and have ordered the Vaadwaur to destroy all contacts found in the region. They also express concern that Krenim artifacts may be recovered by the Iconian Resistance.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “Time in a Bottle”: After acquiring a Krenim artifact from Qwen, the player and Captain Nog discover a hidden Krenim Colony in the Kyana System. The colony's leader, Pross, reveals that the Krenim have been able to conceal an entire planet from the Vaadwaur by rendering it out of sync with time. Pross solicits the help of the Iconian Resistance to build a ship containing a temporal weapon, originally designed by Annorax.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “Broken Circle”: With the help of the Iconian Resistance, the Krenim have constructed a space research lab, where both jointly work on a temporal weapon to stop the Iconians. As the effort, headed by Captain Nog assisted by Seven of Nine and Krenim researcher Noye, is still weeks from producing a first prototype, the Resistance holds a meeting aboard the space lab and decides for an all out frontal attack to buy the required time.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “Butterfly”: The efforts of the Krenim and the Iconian Resistance bear fruit and the construction of the temporal weaponship K.I.S. Annorax is finished. After several holodeck simulations aboard the Kyana temporal research station, the Annorax performs a temporal incursion aimed at preventing the USS Yamato ever re-discovering Iconia. The new timeline has to be reset, however, as it inadvertently caused the Borg Collective to overrun Romulus.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “Midnight”: Noye brings the Annorax to the Sol System to open a temporal vortex so that the player can travel to the past and prevent the Iconians from escaping the attack on their homeworld and becoming a threat.

Future Proof[ | ]

  • ALL “Time and Tide”: Noye and a number of Krenim ships and ground troops, most likely those Krenim who wish to use their temporal incursion technology to restore the Imperium, attack the signing of the Temporal Accords after stealing the Annorax and attacking Kyana Research Station.
  • ALL “Temporal Reckoning”: Rogue Krenim officers support Noye during the battle for New Khitomer. A large number of Krenim vessels is seen leaving for Procyon V before player can stop them.
  • ALL “Ragnarok”: Forces of the Temporal Liberation Front clash with the Galactic Union in the orbit of Procyon V. Large number of Krenim vessels participate in an attack on U.S.S. Enterprise. They are joined by K.I.V. Annorax, in an attempt to prevent the Enterprise from firing the Tox Uthat. When the sphere network falls, Noye attempts to escape, but is stopped by an agent from the past. Player fights his way throughout the Annorax, all the way to Temporal Engineering. There, he successfully arrests Noye and ends the Temporal Cold War. Noye warns him things are not yet over - even without him many will rise against the oppression of the Alliance.

Other[ | ]

Other involvement[ | ]

  • In Tales of the War #8, Kagran negotiates the purchase of a purported Krenim artifact from Qwen. He arranges for the artifact to be sent to Drozana Station to be transferred; however, Qwen has been less than honest about how the artifact came into his possession, and secretly plans to sell the artifact to another party. This story serves as a prelude to “Time in a Bottle”.
  • "Suspicions": Orndal, a Krenim security officer at a research facility, visits his supervisor, Traala. He informs her that some staff at the facility have indicated a desire to use the Krenim's technology to alter history to their species' benefit. He is also concerned about Noye's behavior, as he has been acting irritable to the point of hostility, and has prevented his colleagues from accessing the shielded temporal core.
  • "Tears of Hadrian": At some point in the future, Teadhu, a Krenim student, attends a lecture on temporal mechanics given by Professor Maureana Barkley, despite the fact that due to Noye's actions, Krenim are looked on with suspicion when they show an interest in the subject. When the students are given an assignment to find traces of 'stealth' Na'kuhl time travellers attempting to interfere in Federation history, Teadhu discovers a failed attempt by the Na'kuhl to assassinate the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Upon presenting his findings to Professor Barkley, Teadhu is offered a position as her research assistant.

Military[ | ]

Although Krenim have allied themselves with the forces from Alpha and Beta Quadrants, after discovering that the Alliance was indirectly responsible for deleting his wife from the timestream, Noye rallies up a group of Krenim against them. Allied with the Sphere Builders, these insurgents were given access to Sphere Builder technology, allowing them to outfit their ships with weaponry and powers yet unseen by the Alliance.

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