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KrenimKyana System
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Alsuran Sector
Delta Quadrant

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The Kyana System is a system located in the Syllerran Sector of the Delta Quadrant.

Kyana Prime is the site of a Krenim colony dating back at least to the 22nd Century.

System description[]

Once the location of a prospering Krenim colony, the Kyana System appears to have been uninhabited for some time. Recovered Vaadwaur records indicate that ships sent to destroy the colony early in the war found only an extensive asteroid field and a single rogue moon.

Missions involved[]

Kyana Prime as seen from its moon

  • “Time in a Bottle”: After the Krenim Imperium has been reduced by the Vaadwaur Supremacy, Vaadwaur as well as Herald forces are patrolling the system, which is now home to a vast asteroid field. Unbeknownst to them, the Krenim use a moon in the system to hide Kyana Prime, their last colony, in a time pocket.
  • “Broken Circle”: Together with the Iconian Resistance, the Krenim set up a research station in the Kyana system dedicated to constructing a temporal weapon against the Iconians. At a conference held on the station, the attendees agree to push for a frontal attack against the Andromeda Dyson Sphere in order to buy more time for the temporal weapon to be completed.
  • “Butterfly”: After modelling several scenarios in the Kyana research station's holodeck, the recently finished temporal weapon, the K.I.S. Annorax, sets out to perform a temporal incursion.
  • “Midnight”: The Resistance discuss plans for one final stand against the Iconians in the Sol System. It is also revealed that the Annorax will be used to create a temporal vortex to allow the player to go back in time in an attempt to eliminate the Iconians before they become a threat to the galaxy.

Other involvement[]

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