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Voiced by:
Lani Minella

L'Miren is an Iconian who is part of the invasion of the Milky Way during 2410.

Missions involved[]

  • “Time in a Bottle”: M'Tara, T'Ket, L'Miren, and the other nine Iconians congregate in the Kyana System to discuss the Alliance's unexpected resilience. Because of said resilience, L'Miren urges T'Ket to be cautious.
  • “Broken Circle”: L'Miren and T'Ket are summoned by a dying M'Tara, who asks them to avenge her. After she dies, L'Miren abandons her previous attitude of caution and becomes furious, swearing revenge as the player escapes.
  • “Midnight”: L'Miren is present on Ancient Iconia. She is keeper of the World Heart. She is among those the player evacuates from Iconia, but during her escape, Sela shoots her, injuring her legs. Upon returning to the present, the player returns the World Heart to L'Miren, thereby persuading her to end the war.
  • “The Measure of Morality (Part 2)”: L'Miren appears as an Excalbian simulacrum.

Other involvement[]

  • In Tales of the War #9, set shortly after “House Pegh”, L'Miren confers with a fellow Iconian, T'Ket. T'Ket is furious with L'Miren's interest in "mortals," and advocates destroying them all. L'Miren responds by saying there is no point in ruling a galaxy of ghosts. L'Miren suggests trying to guide the lesser races of the galaxy, and mentions that the Whole must be as One, including a being referred to as "the Other."
  • In Tales of the War #14, Admiral Jorel Quinn mentions that L'Miren's Heralds have joined the conflict in the wake of M'Tara's death.


  • L'Miren is the third named Iconian.
  • Rather than having lower legs or feet, L'Miren has a large, pointed structure in their place. This is likely due to the injuries inflicted by Sela on Iconia in the past.


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