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L'Rell (Clone).png
Chancellor (2411)
Mission giver
Mission contact
Voiced by:
Mary Chieffo

L'Rell was a follower of the Klingon leader T'Kuvma. She served aboard T'Kuvma's Sarcophagus Dreadnought Carrier in 2256. She later became Chancellor of the Klingon High Council. She was cloned in 2411 by the monks of Boreth as a replacement for the self-declared Emperor J'mpok.

Following the defeat of 'Emperor' J'mpok at the hands of J'Ula, L'Rell assumes the Chancellorship and is located inside the Great Hall in the First City of Qo'noS with J'Ula.

Missions mentioned[]

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Missions involved[]

L'Rell's soul in Gre'thor.

  • “Knowledge is Power”: J'Ula witnesses a vision through the time crystals on Boreth showing a "warrior of fire" wielding the Sword of Kahless, later revealed to be a clone of L'Rell created by the monks, similar to Kahless II. However, her son Tenavik realizes her soul has not entered the new body.

    Appearing in J'Ula's vision as a 'warrior of fire'.

  • “Leap of Faith”: The players, accompanied by J'Ula and General Martok, encounter L'Rell's soul in Gre'thor, where she has been since taking the place of her lost love, Voq. Gowron offers himself in L'Rell's place to allow her to return to life. With her rebirth, the Fek'Ihri attack Boreth once more, but are stopped when L'Rell launches a new flagship and sent a galaxy-wide call to Klingons, uniting everyone and saving Boreth.
  • “Warriors of the Empire”: After being confided into by Martok on their current problem in deciding the next move, the player speaks with L'Rell who suggests rallying the Houses who need help the most, as opposed to the stronger houses who might regard it as an offense. The player decides to go ahead with L'Rell's plan after hearing out the plans from the others. Aboard the I.K.S. K't'inga commanded by J'Ula, she aids in the rallying of warriors of House Kang in the Beta Penthe System, House Korath in the Forcas System and Tarsev's Elachi forces in the Qu'Vat System.
  • “A Day Long Remembered”: Alongside Captain Kagran and other allies gathered preparing for the final battle of Qo'noS, L'Rell is reminded of Kol, from the House of Kor, who was in the same position as J'mpok once before, but his arrogance led to his undoing, in which L'Rell believes will be the fate of J'mpok as well. Along with the player, J'Ula and Martok, she motivates everyone with a speech and waits for the player's word before departing for Qo'noS. The K't'inga charges into battle alongside the player and their allies in orbit of Qo'noS as they break through the Lethean, Nausicaan and Ferasan forces, allowing them to engage J'mpok's flagship and his forces. J'mpok targets the player's ship with a mycelial weapon, but the player immediately moves into the K't'inga's position, allowing the weapon to fire at her instead. This allowed Tarsev's device to be activated and his Elachi forces to aid them in the battle. After disabling the Kri'stak, J'mpok threatens to detonate the hydro bomb planted in 2257, the same tactic used by L'Rell to achieve power - ensuring if he could not rule Qo'noS, there would not be a Qo'noS left to rule - before retreating to the Great Hall. Beaming down with the player, Martok and J'Ula, they fight their way through ground troops and disable Aakar's shields around the city. At the courtyard outside the Great Hall, Aakar wounds Martok, forcing him to retreat back to the Rotarran, but not before handing over the Sword of Kahless to L'Rell, leaving her and the player to finish the job after luring J'Ula into a duel to the death with J'mpok. With the aid of Adet'pa, the player and L'Rell bypass his personal transporters and shields in the Great Hall, allowing the player to kill him. J'Ula mortally wounds J'mpok, but before he could make good on his threat to set off the bomb, L'Rell, wielding the Sword of Kahless, cuts his hand off and J'Ula delivers the killing blow. As the warriors chant J'Ula's name, L'Rell hands the Sword of Kahless to her, but J'Ula declines it and passes the Chancellorship to L'Rell instead. Two weeks following the fall of J'mpok, L'Rell is seen with J'Ula and other warriors during the celebration event as she moves forward to restore the Empire with J'Ula's assistance as her Torchbearer.

    J'Ula passes the Chancellorship to L'Rell.

  • “Remain Klingon”: As players destroy the Kri'stak and the Targ in orbit, J'mpok has fallen in the Great Hall. L'Rell announces the end of the Civil War and calls warriors to rejoin the Empire without vengeance befalling them.


  • Players who have completed “A Day Long Remembered” will see J'mpok phased out in the Great Hall and replaced by L'Rell and J'Ula on stage instead.

    L'Rell and J'Ula phased in the Great Hall for players who have completed 'A Day Long Remembered'.

  • Mary Chieffo, who portrays L'Rell throughout all her on-screen appearances, is the singer for Star Trek Online's official Klingon anthem "Steel and Flame" released on August 4, 2021 as part of Season Twenty-three: House United.

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