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LukariL.S.S. Concordium
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Active (2410)

The L.S.S. Concordium is a Lukari exploratory starship under the command of Captain Kuumaarke.

History[edit | edit source]

  • The Concordium was originally a Gorn ship that, by 2410, was "an older vessel, but serviceable" according to Ambassador S'taass. In that year he gifted the ship to then-Administrator Kuumaarke to accelerate her people's expansion into space after the Lukari bureaucracy hampered their own shipbuilding efforts. Kuumaarke then appointed Doctor Laarme, a xenoarcheologist, as the vessel's science officer. ("Conquests", "Calm Before the Storm")
  • The re-christened Concordium, with Kuumaarke in command, departed the Lukari System later that year on an exploratory mission to the 20 Draconis System, accompanied by the player. Among the discoveries made by the two vessels were a pod of Gekli, two Farpoint Cnidarians, the derelict Deep Space K-13, and the remnants of an extinct civilization on the third planet. The Concordium also participated in a battle with Daimon Madran and his Nausicaan mercenaries over the fate of the station. ( “Echoes of Light”)

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