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Disambig icon.png This article is about mirror universe counterpart of Leeta. For other uses, see Leeta (disambiguation).
Terran EmpireLeeta
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Military Rank:
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Information giver
Voiced by:
Chase Masterson

Admiral Leeta is the Bajoran leader of the Terran Empire and the Mirror Universe counterpart to Leeta. She commands the I.S.S. Fortuna and, later, the I.S.S. Enterprise.

"Turns out the evil version of me is an admiral there. Real piece of work, wears a lot of leather, carries a whip..."
- Leeta on Leeta (mirror)

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  • Terran Task Force reputation faction
    • “Message from Another Universe I”: The player discovers a log entry recorded by Leeta. In it, Leeta reveals that she was not well-respected early in her career with the Empire, until the Orb of Possibilities was returned. Through the Orb, she discovered the Pah-wraiths, who gave her the strength she needed to take power. After that, time travelers from the future provided the Empire with weapons powerful enough to defeat the Iconians. Leeta says she does not trust these time travelers, but that she may be able to use them.
    • “Message from Another Universe II”: The player discovers a log entry recorded by Leeta. In it, she reveals that the visitors from the future, in an effort to ensure their timeline comes to pass, are sharing their technology with the Terran Empire. Leeta insists on the I.S.S. Enterprise being the first vessel outfitted; after that, the advanced technology will be provided to those who prove their loyalty.
    • “Message from Another Universe III”: The player discovers a log entry recorded by Leeta. There has been much infighting within the Terran fleet as its Captains align themselves with either Leeta or the Emperor. Leeta is confident that she will prevail, and vows to attack the Iconians once she has seized power.
    • “Message from Another Universe IV”: The player discovers a log entry recorded by Leeta. She shares her believe that her benefactors from the future are withholding weaponry which the Terrans may use against them, but she believes she has more than enough weaponry to maintain control of the fleet. She has also equipped the fleet with temporal shielding to protect it from changes to the timeline in advance of their attack on the Iconians, and plans to use "malfunctions" in the shielding to deal with disloyal captains.
    • “Message from Another Universe V”: The player discovers a final log entry recorded by Leeta. She reveals that her forces were able to destroy the Iconians 200,000 years in the past, and that the Pah-Wraiths have given her visions of an alternate universe. She intends to conquer this universe and plot the Emperor's destruction from there.
  • "Counterpoint" (blog): Admiral Leeta records a brief blog entry as she prepares to expand the Empire beyond the confines of her universe.
  • "Aftershocks": After returning to the Mirror Universe following her latest defeat, Admiral Leeta receives orders from the Emperor to surrender command of the Enterprise to Commander Jarok. Before she and her crew can make their escape, the Enterprise is attacked by the I.S.S. Pastak, along with the Tempus and Poh; however, Leeta is able to transmit a secret code which disables the vessels and allows the Enterprise to destroy the Pastak, after which the other vessels pledge their loyalty to Leeta. She prepares to find new allies, using information downloaded from New Khitomer in the other universe.
  • Infiltrate and Destroy in Operation: Wolf!: With renewed aggressions from the Mirror universe, and the windfall of a surprising new ally against the Terran Empire, Starfleet is conducting training simulations of a commando raid on the Mirror Universe Earth Spacedock to ensure its officers are well disciplined in performing counter-Terran operations. In order to do so, Admiral Jorel Quinn confers with Admiral Leeta to discuss their simulation perameters.


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