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Legendary Romulan Warbird Bundle.png

The Legendary Romulan Warbird Bundle is a Legendary bundle available in the Zen Store for 12,000 Zen small icon.png.


Released on August 12, 2021 for PC and September 23, 2021 for Console, this bundle was available for an initial release discount of 35% from August 12, 2021 - August 19, 2021 on PC and September 23, 2021 - September 30, 2021 on Console (7,800 Zen small icon.png).


The following starships are included with all previous costumes, consoles and traits for the ship as of August 2021, plus an additional account-wide trait and an exclusive new ship costume.


Starship Exclusive additions
Legendary Romulan Warbird Bundle - D'deridex.png Legendary Miracle Worker Warbird Battlecruiser
D'deridex class
I.R.W. Unity costume
Trait: Rapid-Emitting Armaments
Legendary Romulan Warbird Bundle - Scimitar.png Legendary Intel Dreadnought Warbird
Scimitar class
Tal’Shiar Adapted Dreadnought Warbird costume
Trait: She's a Predator


Once per account
  • After buying this pack, the 2 ships will appear in the Tier 6 category in the Ships tab of the Zen Store. These are unlocked for the whole account.
  • After buying this pack, the T6 Ship Coupons, ship slots, DOFF Packs, and Experimental Upgrade Tokens will automatically be granted to the character who buys this product. These rewards are only granted once per account.
    • One additional pack must be claimed from the "Promotions" tab of the Zen Store, under the name "Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack". This will grant the player their fourth DOFF Pack, which was previously excluded "due to an issue with how the original bundle was made".
  • After buying this pack the Reman species, Romulan uniforms, and Reman uniforms unlock for the whole account.

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