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Promotional image for the Lifetime Subscription.

Lifetime Subscription (LTS) is an option for players to purchase a set of exclusive perks for $299.99 USD (comparable to 30,000 Zen small icon). On Xbox One and Playstation 4, the Lifetime Subscription is available within the Zen Store for 25,000 Zen small icon instead.

A subscription was previously available on a monthly rolling basis which has since been withdrawn. However, some players who participated in the monthly subscription but never bought the lifetime option will have unlocked some or all of the rewards below without having proceeded to buy the Lifetime option.

Stipend[ | ]

Lifetime subscription offers 500Zen small icon a month on the PC. Due to legalities on Xbox One and Playstation 4, the 500 Zen small icon stipend and automatic dilithium refining is not offered, resulting in the lower price.

Species and officers[ | ]

Costumes[ | ]

Starships[ | ]

Tokens, slots and boosts[ | ]

Accolades and titles[ | ]

Other rewards[ | ]

  • A unique Duty Officer Assignment for additional dilithium refining.
  • Priority login.
  • Access to Tribble (server) during major releases.

Sales[ | ]

The information listed in this section is intended for PC players.

The standard cost of the lifetime subscription is currently $299.99 USD.

Sales on lifetime subscriptions can usually be seen 2-3 times a year, and usually extends 1-2 weeks. The discount usually ranges from 33%-50%. For the first 24 hours of the sale its usually 50% off after which it goes to 33% off for the remainder of the sale.

Lifetime subscription History.

50% discount. listed price $150.99USD + applicable taxes.

  • 02/29/24 08am PST - 03/01/24 12pm PST

33% discount. listed price $199.99USD + applicable taxes.

  • 03/01/24 12pm PST - 03/04/24 12pm PST

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