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For the purposes of interstellar navigation, playable sector space is divided into sectors. Sectors are roughly cubic and are usually designated after a star system contained therein.

The list below outlines all systems and other phenomenon that appear to the player within said sector while in sector space. These systems may contain other notable locations (such as planets) not listed; and conversely, one location listed may technically within another (both Deep Space 9 and the Bajoran wormhole are within the Bajor System, but are shown separately in sector space).

The layout of sectors and star systems in-game is largely based upon the book Star Trek: Star Charts, created by Geoffrey Mandel in the early 2000s. A few cases of artistic license are encountered, however.


Alpha Quadrant[]

The Alpha Quadrant

Algira Sector[]

Antos Sector[]

Arawath Sector[]

Arbazan Sector[]

Argus Sector[]

Bajor Sector[]

Balancar Sector[]

Berengarius Sector[]

Betazed Sector[]

Breen Sector[]

Cardassia Sector[]

Defera Sector[]

Delta Sector[]

Deneb Sector[]

Denobula Sector[]

Draconis Sector[]

Draylon Sector[]

Dubhe Sector[]

Eta Serpentis Sector[]

Ferasa Sector[]

Ferenginar Sector[]

Fesarius Sector[]

Gon'Cra Sector[]

Izar Sector[]

Maxia Sector[]

Mariah Sector[]

Beta Quadrant[]

The Beta Quadrant

Agrama Sector[]

Aldebaran Sector[]

Alini Sector[]

Archanis Sector[]

Argelius Sector[]

Azure Sector[]

Ba'aja Sector[]

B'Moth Sector[]

Boreth Sector[]

Celes Sector[]

Dimorus Sector[]

Donatu Sector[]

Gasko Sector[]

Gorath Sector[]

H'atoria Sector[]

Hobus Sector[]

Hotep Sector[]

Iconia Sector[]

Japori Sector[]

Kassae Sector[]

Khitomer Sector[]

Lirss Sector[]

Mempa Sector[]

Narendra Sector[]

Noro Sector[]

Orion Sector[]

Otha Sector[]

Pheben Sector[]

Rator Sector[]

Risa Sector[]

Sanek Sector[]

Sierra Sector[]

Teneebia Sector[]

Teroka Sector[]

Tiqchirgh Sector[]

Unroth Sector[]

Vendor Sector[]

Vorn Sector[]

Vulcan Sector[]

Xarantine Sector[]

Gamma Quadrant[]

Map of the Gamma Quadrant

Baen Sector[]

  • Baen System

Callinon Sector[]

  • Callinon System

Coladri Sector[]

  • Coladri System

Didarea Sector[]

  • Didarea System

Ennis Sector[]

  • Drai System
    (on border with Stakoron Sector)
  • Ennis System

Gaia Sector[]

Gavara Sector[]

Idran Sector[]

Stakoron Sector[]

Telos Sector[]

  • Telosar System
  • Kar-telos System
    (on border with Kar Sector)

Torad Sector[]

  • Torad System

Umbral Sector[]

Yadera Sector[]

Other Locations[]

Delta Quadrant[]

The Delta Quadrant

23rd century Beta Quadrant[]

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