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The following is a list of Training Manuals that can be crafted by the player. The manuals can be manufactured as part of the Officer Training School and always require a PADD as "ingredient".

To unlock the ability to craft certain training manuals you must spend a certain amount of points in the right skill track. The specifics are shown below.



Points Spent 2 7 12 17
Engineering only Engineering Emergency Power to Shields III Emergency Power to Engines III Emergency Power to Weapons III Emergency Power to Auxiliary III
Hazard Emitters III Feedback Pulse III Polarize Hull III Transfer Shield Strength III
Mine Dispersal Pattern: Beta III Attack Pattern: Omega III Attack Pattern: Beta III Attack Pattern: Delta III
Science only Science Engineering Team III Auxiliary Power to the Emergency Battery III Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity III Auxiliary Power to Inertial Dampers III
Science Team III Photonic Shockwave III Gravity Well III Tyken's Rift III
Tactical Team III Mine Dispersal Pattern: Alpha III Beam: Fire at Will III Beam: Overload III
Tactical only Tactical Directed Energy Modulation III Eject Warp Plasma III Boarding Party III Aceton Beam III
Tachyon Beam III Jam Sensors III Tractor Beam III Viral Matrix III
Cannon: Rapid Fire III Torpedo: High Yield III Cannon: Scatter Volley III Torpedo: Spread III


Points Spent 1 3 5 7 9
Engineering only Engineering Chroniton Mine Barrier III Quick Fix III Shield Generator Fabrication III Cover Shield III Combat Supply II
Turret Fabrication III Shield Recharge III Medical Generator Fabrication III Equipment Diagnostics III Support Drone Fabrication II
Science only Science Hypospray - Dylovene III Electro-Gravitic Field III Tricorder Scan III Neural Neutralizer III Nanite Health Monitor II
Medical Tricorder III Sonic Pulse III Dampening Field II Hypospray - Melorazine III Vascular Regenerator III
Tactical only Tactical Photon Grenade III Lunge III Target Optics III Fire on my Mark III Overwatch III
Smoke Grenade III Sweeping Strikes III Suppressing Fire III Stun Grenade III Stealth Module III



BOFF Ability Career Track Space Points BOFF Rank
Target Auxiliary Subsystems III None 0 Tier 3
Target Engines Subsystems III None 0 Tier 3
Target Shields Subsystems III None 0 Tier 3
Target Weapons Subsystems III None 0 Tier 3
Tactical Team III Science 2 Tier 3
Cannon: Rapid Fire III Tactical 2 Tier 4
Dispersal Pattern Beta III Engineering 2 Tier 4
Torpedo: High Yield III Tactical 7 Tier 3
Dispersal Pattern Alpha III Science 7 Tier 4
Attack Pattern Omega III Engineering 7 Tier 4
Beam Array: Fire at Will III Science 12 Tier 3
Attack Pattern Beta III Engineering 12 Tier 4
Cannon: Scatter Volley III Tactical 12 Tier 4
Beam Array: Overload III Science 17 Tier 3
Torpedo: Spread III Tactical 17 Tier 3
Attack Pattern Delta III Engineering 17 Tier 4


BOFF Ability Ground Points BOFF Rank
Battle Strategies III 0 Tier 3
Draw Fire III 0 Tier 3
Photon Grenade III 1 Tier 3
Smoke Grenade III 1 Tier 4
Sweeping Strikes III 3 Tier 3
Lunge III 3 Tier 4
Suppressing Fire III 5 Tier 4
Target Optics III 5 Tier 4
Fire on my Mark III 7 Tier 4
Stun Grenade II 7 Tier 4
Overwatch III 9 Tier 4
Stealth Module III 9 Tier 4



BOFF Ability Career Track Space Points BOFF Rank
Charged Particle Burst III None 0 Tier 4
Energy Siphon III None 0 Tier 4
Photonic Officer III None 0 Tier 4
Scramble Sensors III None 0 Tier 4
Hazard Emitters III Engineering 2 Tier 3
Science Team III Science 2 Tier 3
Tachyon Beam III Tactical 2 Tier 3
Feedback Pulse III Engineering 7 Tier 3
Jam Sensors III Tactical 7 Tier 3
Photonic Shockwave III Science 7 Tier 4
Polarize Hull III Engineering 12 Tier 3
Tractor Beam III Tactical 12 Tier 3
Gravity Well III Science 12 Tier 4
Transfer Shield Strength III Engineering 17 Tier 3
Tyken's Rift III Science 17 Tier 4
Viral Matrix III Tactical 17 Tier 4


BOFF Ability Ground Points BOFF Rank
Hyperonic Radiation II N/A Tier 4
Anesthizine Gas I N/A Tier 4
Tachyon Harmonic III 0 Tier 3
Stasis Field III 0 Tier 4
Hypospray - Dylovene III 1 Tier 3
Medical Tricorder III 1 Tier 3
Electro-Gravitic Field III 3 Tier 3
Sonic Pulse III 3 Tier 4
Dampening Field II 5 Tier 4
Tricorder Scan III 5 Tier 4
Hypospray - Melorazine III 7 Tier 4
Neural Neutralizer II 7 Tier 4
Nanite Health Monitor II 9 Tier 4



BOFF Ability Career Track Space Points BOFF Rank
Extend Shields III None 0 Tier 4
Reverse Shield Polarity III None 0 Tier 4
Engineering Team III Science 2 Tier 3
Directed Energy Modulation III Science 2 Tier 4
Emergency Power to Shields III Engineering 2 Tier 3
Emergency Power to Engines III Engineering 7 Tier 3
Auxiliary Power to the Emergency Battery III Science 7 Tier 4
Eject Warp Plasma III Tactical 7 Tier 4
Emergency Power to Weapons III Engineering 12 Tier 3
Auxiliary Power to the Structural Integrity Field III Science 12 Tier 4
Boarding Party III Tactical 12 Tier 4
Emergency Power to Auxiliary III Engineering 17 Tier 3
Aceton Beam III Tactical 17 Tier 4
Auxiliary Power to Inertial Dampers III Engineering 17 Tier 4


BOFF Ability Ground Points BOFF Rank
Fuse Armor I N/A Tier 4
Quantum Mortar Fabrication III N/A Tier 4
Weapons Malfunction III 0 Tier 3
Reroute Power to Shields III 0 Tier 4
Chroniton Mine Barrier III 1 Tier 3
Turret Fabrication III 1 Tier 4
Quick Fix III 3 Tier 3
Shield Recharge III 3 Tier 3
Medical Generator Fabrication III 5 Tier 4
Shield Generator Fabrication III 5 Tier 4
Cover Shield II 7 Tier 4
Equipment Diagnostics III 7 Tier 4
Combat Supply II 9 Tier 4
Support Drone Fabrication II 9 Tier 4