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Lobi Crystal
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Accepted as currency at the specialized vendor found on Drozana Station. Visit the Lobi Crystal Consortium to browse their wares, or use this crystal to access the store directly.
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Lobi Crystals are a currency used to buy specialty items from the Lobi Crystal Consortium, introduced in 2012 with the Ferengi Lock Box.

Item Information[ | ]

Lobi crystals are the semiprecious stone used in the production of inexpensive jewelry and ornaments. They are generally perceived as low in value due to their lack of uniform crystalline structure. However, an eccentric Ferengi collector has recently begun buying them up in bulk for use in a bizarre economic experiment.

Availability[ | ]

Lobi Crystals are obtainable by opening the following types of boxes;

The latter two of the above reward Lobi only if a ship is not won. Lobi Crystals may also be available as rewards from promotions or special events such as Event Campaigns, or bought directly via specific Zen Store bundles. These include bundles such as the 11th Anniversary Legendary Bundle or Mudd's Market Choice Packs.

Lobi Crystals are bound to account, and can only be passed between characters via the account bank.

Store[ | ]

Lobi Crystals can be spent at the Lobi Crystal Consortium on Drozana Station, but the store is also accessible by right-clicking and using or double-clicking a crystal.

Notes[ | ]

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