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- It refers to the backstory from official lore blogs or other licensed and affiliated material, which are not considered Star Trek canon, and are not necessarily present in-game.

Lore Blogs are blog entries on the official Star Trek Online website which are written from an in-universe perspective. They often serve to provide backstory for upcoming content. In addition to the individual blog entries summarized here, there have also been two series of short stories, Tales of the War and Post War Era, published through the web site.

Season Five: Call to Arms[ | ]

Season 5 Dev Blog #6[ | ]

Captured Jem'Hadar Attack Ships
  • Captain Va'Kel Shon of the U.S.S. Belfast records a log entry. His crew have discovered an abandoned Jem'Hadar Attack Ship in the Enocha System; the ship appears to be several decades out of date, and may in fact be a relic of the Dominion War. An away team sent to the vessel reports that it appears to be in excellent condition, and there is no indication of why it would have been abandoned. Musing that Tress would have appreciated this mission, Shon reports that his orders are to tow the vessel to Starbase 375.
  • In a separate log entry, Admiral Mirren Sola of Starbase 375 indicates that there are now three abandoned Jem'Hadar vessels at the station, and that the U.S.S. Kirk has discovered another in the Pi Canis Sector Block. There are reports that the Klingons have found similar ships, but Sola thinks it unwise to contact D'Vak about the matter. Messages sent to the Dominion have gone unanswered.
  • Official Blog - Season 5 Dev Blog #6 (December 7, 2011)

Season 5 Dev Blog #22[ | ]

Prelude to The 2800: Second Wave
  • Lieutenant C'thal of Starbase 375 and his team have completed their analysis of the recovered Jem'Hadar vessels. They have been able to confirm that the ship was constructed during the time of the Dominion War, and that all of the now-dozens of recovered vessels were from the same fleet. Further, neutrinos detected in all of the ships indicate that they originated in the Bajoran wormhole. He is unable to explain how the ship got from the wormhole to the Enocha System without being detected, or why the wormhole would suddenly be ejecting so many derelict ships. Assuming that the ships constitute a temporal anomaly, C'thal speculates that the derelict vessels may be from the Dominon fleet that went missing during Operation Return in 2374. He decides to consult the "Old Man" in hopes of verifying this theory.
  • Official Blog - Season 5 Dev Blog #22 (February 10, 2012)

Season 5 Dev Blog #24[ | ]

Prelude to The 2800: Of Bajor

Season 5 Dev Blog #26[ | ]

Prelude to The 2800: Operation Gamma

Season 5 Dev Blog #27[ | ]

Prelude to The 2800: Facility 4028

Season 5 Dev Blog #30[ | ]

Prelude to The 2800: Boldly They Rode

Season 6 Dev Blog #8[ | ]

Reports from the Nukara System
  • A series of log entries by the Second Officer of the S.S. Mauss details the vessel's monitoring of the relatively primitive Nukaran culture inhabiting Nukara IV. As time passes, the crew of the Mauss discover that there are interphasic rifts on Nukara Prime. Eventually, Tholian ships are detected; anticipating being discovered and destroyed, the Second Officer encodes the data collected thus far. The wreckage of the Mauss is later discovered by the U.S.S. Alliance, which recovers the encrypted data.
  • Official Blog - Season 6 Dev Blog #8 (June 27, 2012)

Season Six: Under Siege[ | ]

Season 7 Dev Blog #6[ | ]

Chaos in Romulan Space

Season 7 Dev Blog #9[ | ]

A New Alliance?

Season 7 Dev Blog #13[ | ]

Personal Log, Captain James Wells, U.S.S. Huxley

Season 7 Dev Blog #14[ | ]

The Vault Ensnared

Season 7 Dev Blog #15[ | ]

Season Seven: New Romulus[ | ]

Season 7 Dev Blog #43[ | ]

Crystalline Catastrophe

Legacy of Romulus Dev Blog #8[ | ]

User Interface Revamp

Season 8 Dev Blog #1[ | ]

RE Unidentified Object in Scan Sola-Alpha-Six

Season 8 Dev Blog #11[ | ]

Personal Log A’dranna t’Kerhav

Season Eight: The Sphere[ | ]

Season 9 Dev Blog #2[ | ]

Militia Intelligence Regarding the Undine

Season Nine: A New Accord[ | ]

New Research and Development[ | ]

Delta Rising[ | ]

What's Left Behind[ | ]

What's Left Behind - Part 2[ | ]

Anniversary: Personal Log (Part 1)[ | ]

Anniversary: Personal Log (Part 2)[ | ]

Debriefing Session 28[ | ]

Gateway To Gre'Thor[ | ]

Incident At Mol'Rihan Center[ | ]

Iconian Intelligence File #247[ | ]

Iconian Intelligence File #248[ | ]

Season Ten: The Iconian War[ | ]

Tales of the War[ | ]

See Tales of the War for details.

  • A series of blog posts detail events occurring during the Iconian War.

New Episode "Butterfly"[ | ]

Counterpoint[ | ]

Utopia Planitia Report 1[ | ]

Utopia Planitia Report 2[ | ]

Post War Era[ | ]

See Post War Era for details.

  • A series of blog posts detail the aftermath of the Iconian War.

New Episode: Sunrise[ | ]

Season Eleven: New Dawn[ | ]

Utopia Planitia Report 3[ | ]

Stormbound Featured Episode[ | ]

Suspicions[ | ]

  • Orndal, a Krenim security officer at a research facility, visits his supervisor, Traala. He informs her that some staff at the facility have indicated a desire to use the Krenim's technology to alter history to their species' benefit. He is also concerned about Noye's behavior, as he has been acting irritable to the point of hostility, and has prevented his colleagues from accessing the shielded temporal core.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Suspicions (January 12, 2016)

Gentle Repose[ | ]

"Time and Tide" Episode[ | ]

Preemptive Planning[ | ]

In the Purview of Diplomats[ | ]

Utopia Planitia: One Big Ship[ | ]

  • Lieutenant Whetu and Ensign Elyos of Utopia Planitia accompany a team of technicians on an inspection of the U.S.S. Enterprise, which is undergoing a large-scale refit. They meet with the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Kirayoshi O'Brien, who welcomes them aboard and cautions them that he has made a number of nonstandard modifications to the ship, and that they should consult him if they find anything outside normal specifications. He arranges to meet Whetu over dinner in ten-forward to discuss their progress.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Utopia Planitia - One Big Ship (February 12, 2016)

Passing Muster[ | ]

  • After attending a rally in which Na'kuhl General Vosk encouraged him and his fellow soldiers to embark upon a suicidal mission against the Federation, Braag returns home to his parents. He argues with his father, who believes the Federation cannot be blamed for the destruction of their homeworld over 400 years earlier. Realizing that Braag has made up his mind to carry out the mission, his parents give him their blessing.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Passing Muster (February 23, 2016)

The Aftermath[ | ]

Diplomatic Fallout[ | ]

  • Captain Walker and Commander Nereda meet with Commander Drij, an Orion operative of the KDF Special Security Division at New Khitomer. Drij is an expert on the Na'kuhl, having spent two years participating in an undercover mission infiltrating their Seven Families, a criminal organization. While Drij does not believe the Seven Families to be directly involved in the New Khitomer attack, she hypothesizes that Vosk is receiving financial support from them. She further suggests that elements of the Na'kuhl and Krenim are working together out of mutual interest, though their alliance seems unstable. Drij reports a rumor that Vosk's forces operate from a well-hidden space station - possibly one which exists outside the timeline.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Diplomatic Fallout (March 22, 2016)

Na'kuhl Red Alerts[ | ]

  • Commander Jacob Trask of the transport Beowulf records a log entry. Exhausted, he is trying to maintain readiness in light of reports of mysterious raiders which have been attacking convoys in the area. Despite the assurances of Lieutenant Singh, the convoy's Starfleet escort, Trask is worried, and has been trading goods to Qwen in order to upgrade the Beowulf's engines.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Na'kuhl Red Alerts (April 12, 2016)

New Episode: Temporal Front[ | ]

Once Per Year[ | ]

  • Captain Walker views a hologram sent to him by Commander Nereda as a birthday gift: a documentary featuring a distant ancestor, John Williams Walker. Unexpectedly, Walker sees a Na'kuhl agent in the recording. He shows his finding to Nereda, and they realize that the Na'kuhl have been sending temporal agents to disrupt Walker's ancestral timeline. Walker orders Nereda to expand their search parameters to include Earth's history of monsters and supernatural folklore in hopes of finding Na'kuhl agents. Walker also orders Nereda to prepare to assume command of the Pastak in the event that the Na'kuhl succeed in tampering with Walker's history.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Once Per Year (April 14, 2016)

Seek and Destroy[ | ]

  • Na'kuhl operative Tarnh meets with Krog, who has new orders for him. He is to assume command of the freighter group Ka’vassi and attack civilian shipping lanes in the early 25th Century, with the primary objective being the assassination of a distant ancestor of Kal Dano, who is known to be aboard one of the cargo cruisers. Krog also orders Tarnh to sow terror among the Alliance by attacking shipping lanes while in pursuit of this individual. While disturbed by the thought of killing innocents, Tarnh accepts his orders.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Seek and Destroy (April 15, 2016)

Tears of Hadrian[ | ]

  • Teadhu, a Krenim student, attends a lecture by Professor Maureana Barkley, a renowned scholar in temporal mechanics. The lecture is interrupted when Captain Walker arrives seeking Barkley's help. Before she leaves with Walker, she tells her students to seek out "stealth" Na'kuhl time travellers to disrupt Federation history; Teadhu eagerly accepts the challenge, and begins his research.
  • Daesk, a Na'kuhl, agent tries and fails to assassinate the ancient Roman emperor, Hadrian, instead killing his favourite, Antinous.
  • Teadhu brings his findings to an impressed Professor Barkley. She suggests that Teadhu become her new research assistant.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Tears of Hadrian (April 20, 2016)

Steel and Karma[ | ]

The Demon of Whitechapel[ | ]

  • Ensign Jacob Black, under the orders of Captain Walker, visits London in 1888. There are concerns that the Redjac entity, also known as Jack the Ripper, was under Na'kuhl control. Ensign Black is attacked and possessed by the entity, which then kills its Na'kuhl "handler." Black is captured and returned to the Pastak, but cannot be separated from Redjac. Regretfully, Walker informs Nereda that they must exile Ensign Black to a planet consistent with historical records regarding Redjac's movements, in order to preserve the known timeline.[1]
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: The Demon of Whitechapel (May 17, 2016)

Purity[ | ]

Repeat Performance[ | ]

  • Nereda and Drij visit Deep Space Nine in the 24th Century. They confront a Human named Borucki under the auspices of a Cardassian Legate and Orion civilian, respectively. With the assistance of Elim Garak, Drij is able to pick Borucki's pocket during a staged interrogation, retrieving a bomb Borucki was unwittingly carrying for Arne Darvin, which would have destroyed all of the Bajoran Orbs, with the exception of the Orb of Time, which was in Darvin's possession. After the pair return to New Khitomer, Garak, who recognized Nereda from a years-earlier encounter, takes the opportunity afforded by the encounter to steal Nereda's mission recorder, and begins to download its contents.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Repeat Performance (June 2, 2016)

Army of Me[ | ]

  • Captain Istra of a Wells-class vessel discovers a Na'khul assassin on Ferenginar, but is wounded and is unable to prevent the Na'khul's sale of an unknown device to some Ferengi. Aboard her ship, Istra is informed that the Ferengi will use the device to capture the NX-01 Enterprise, and strip the ship of all valuables. Istra vows to provide assistance to the Enterprise crew, at the risk of developing temporal psychosis. The next thing Istra knows, she believes she is about to embark on her first mission, as something disrupted her assignment and caused temporal psychosis. Her commanding officer, Admiral Darrar, assigns Istra to bring herself into custody.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Army of Me (June 9, 2016)

Price of Freedom[ | ]

  • A team is assembled by an Orion named Lontus to attack and capture a Risian yacht, and capture an unidentified VIP passenger to hold for ransom. The job is a failure; the yacht is heavily damaged, and the only passenger recovered is a Human infant. When Lontus attempts to leave the team for dead aboard the yacht, they disable and capture his ship, the Cleaver, and rechristen it the Coldstar.
  • Official Blog - Star Trek Online: Price of Freedom (June 24, 2016)

My Own Worst Enemy[ | ]

Agents of Yesterday[ | ]

Aftershocks[ | ]

  • After returning to the Mirror Universe following her latest defeat, Admiral Leeta receives orders from the Emperor to surrender command of the I.S.S. Enterprise to Captain Jarok of the I.R.W. Lleiset. Before she and her crew can make their escape, the Enterprise is attacked by the I.S.S. Pastak, along with the Tempus and Poh; however, Leeta is able to transmit a secret code which disables the vessels and allows the Enterprise to destroy the Pastak, after which the other vessels pledge their loyalty to Leeta. She prepares to find new allies, using information downloaded from New Khitomer in the other universe.
  • Official Blog - Aftershocks (July 12, 2016)

No Profit But The Name[ | ]

  • Commanding the N.V. Salvation in the Battle of Procyon V, Leader Tarnh is able to destroy the U.S.S. Defiant-C, but realizes that the battle is lost when the Enterprise-J is able to use the Tox Uthat to collapse the Command Sphere. She orders her ship to initiate a temporal jump to one week in the future; when she arrives, she is astonished to discover that they are in the 31st Century, and that the Na'kuhl star has been re-ignited. A Wells-class vessel, the U.S.S. Janeway, arrives, and its captain, a Na'kuhl named Gubret, welcomes her home.
  • Official Blog - No Profit But The Name (July 27, 2016)

Pandora's Gift[ | ]

  • Romal, a Sphere Builder engineer, attempts to disrupt his people's experiments, but is quickly arrested. Placed on trial, he argues that destroying entire universes in their efforts to return home is unethical, but is quickly convicted for his crimes. With the help of his mate Kiwak, Romal escapes to the Delphic Expanse in 2410, and sets course for the Sol System in hopes of finding asylum.
  • Official Blog - Pandora's Gift (August 2, 2016)

Winter of Discontent[ | ]

  • Boratus confronts a Starfleet Lieutenant among those he captured during the Breen attack on Earth. He exposes her escape plan, and turns the prisoners over to three Breen soldiers. After Boratus leaves, the Breen are revealed to be disguised Temporal Agents, led by Daniels. They send all of the prisoners home except for the Lieutenant; Daniels explains that the Lieutenant was meant to die during the attack, and cannot return home. Instead, he recruits her into Temporal Operations, and brings her to the future.
  • Official Blog - Winter of Discontent (August 9, 2016)

The Cousins' War[ | ]

  • Traala meets with her cousin, Zidia, at the Krenim temporal research facility. Zidia tries to recruit her to join Noye's forces, but Traala refuses. Zidia stuns Traala with a phaser, obtains her true objective in the facility, and escapes.
  • Official Blog - The Cousins' War (August 16, 2016)

Of Hawks and Doves[ | ]

  • Administrator Kuumaarke meets with Captains Paris and Nog of Starfleet to discuss the Lukari ship-building program, which Starfleet is providing assistance with. The specifications provided by the Lukari Planetary Council are contradictory, with some emphasizing weaponry and durability, and others focusing on sensor and long-range capabilities. After some discussion of the merits of each approach, they agree to try to find a middle path between the two sets of specifications.
  • Official Blog - Of Hawks and Doves (September 9, 2016)

Fleet Station K-13 Returns![ | ]

  • Nichols, Chief Engineer of Deep Space K-13, confers with Acting Commander O'Ryan. They have determined that the station was sent back in time, to the year 1571, in a system that had not yet been discovered by either the Federation or the Klingons by 2270. Faced with few choices, O'Ryan elects to place K-13's crew, as well as their Klingon prisoners, into stasis; however, there are not enough stasis pods to accommodate everyone. After the stasis pods have been filled, Nichols begins to record a final log entry explaining the situation, and what those left without stasis pods had decided to do with themselves.
  • Official Blog - Fleet Station K-13 Returns! (September 21, 2016)

Conquests[ | ]

  • Kuumaarke meets with Ambassador S'taass aboard the Lukari space station Orbital. Frustrated, she explains the conflict and political interference surrounding her administration of the station, and the development of the Lukari starship. S'tass advises her to harness the conflicting interests in the project and turn them to her advantage, by placing the politically-appointed members of her staff into positions where she can control the outcome of their actions. He also informs her that he has brought her an older Gorn vessel to command.
  • Official Blog - Conquests (October 13, 2016)

Calm Before the Storm[ | ]

  • Captain Kuumaarke interrupts a simulation being run by Doctor Laarme, a Lukari scientist, in which he commands the U.S.S. Enterprise. She tells him that she wishes him to join the crew of the L.S.S. Concordium's inaugural mission. Laarme is initially skeptical that he is the best choice for the position, but is convinced when Kuumaarke informs him that his work in the field of xenoarchaeology was deemed "satisfactor" by Scholar T'Ven of Vulcan.
  • Official Blog - Calm Before the Storm (October 24, 2016)

Tales from K13[ | ]

See Tales from K13 for details.

  • A series of blog posts detail the adventures of K-13's crew after waking from stasis.

A Gathering of Wills[ | ]

  • Klingon General Rodek meets with Colonel Taanu of the Lukari Security Force. He compliments Taanu on the strength of his forces, and provides him with intelligence on Tzenkethi activity. Taanu confirms that the Lukari have determined that the Tzenkethi are using Protomatter weaponry, and have detonated several devices along the Alpha Quadrant frontier. Taanu speculates that the Tzenkethi may be testing their weapon in advance of deploying it against the Alliance. Taanu states that the Lukari will be sending their new flagship to investigate the protomatter activity, though he is displeased with the design compromises made as a result of Captain Kuumaarke's advocacy of scientific capabilities. Rodek assures Taanu that he will personally lead a Klingon force to accompany the Lukari ship on its mission.
  • Official Blog - A Gathering of Wills (January 17, 2017)

All Our Crusades[ | ]

  • Aboard the Tzenkethi vessel Steadfast, Lieutenant Hulrun informs Captain Yur Tzen-Crinnu that he has discovered another planet which must be destroyed with protomatter weaponry, in accordance with Autarchical Dictate 1219. Tzen-Crinnu orders the ship to divert to the planet, and retires to his quarters. Later, Hulrun visits Tzen-Crinnu in his quarters to log an official protest; he believes that the Autarchical Dictate is counter to the Tzenkethi way. Tzen-Crinnu agrees, stating that it had been foolish of the Tzenkethi to attack the Federation and the Empire years earlier, and that their people were still on the Path of Madness, as the Autarch's son was committed to vengeance. Tzen-Crinnu states that he has a counter-proposal to Hulrun's protest. When they arrive at the target world, Tzen-Crinnu turns the Steadfast's weapons on the bomb site, destroying it without detonating the protomatter weapon. He informs his crew that to follow these orders would be madness, and orders them to set course for the nearest Federation system.
  • Official Blog - All Our Crusades (January 24, 2017)

Season Twelve: Reckoning[ | ]

The Means to an End[ | ]

  • In 2399, Captain Aarn Tzen-Tarrak commands a Tzenkethi mission to Lukari Prime. The Tezenkethi have determined that the Lukari do not pose a threat to the Coalition; however, they have discovered the Lukari's use of Protomatter, which could be used as a devastating weapon.
  • Later, two Tzenkethi officers meet with Madran on Ferenginar. Madran has failed to purchase the Lukari's data on Protomatter technology as he had been hired to do, and the Tzenkethi offer a considerable price to steal the information instead. Back aboard their ship, Tzen-Tarrak expresses his satisfaction that the Tzenkethi will soon possess the ability to produce Protomatter weapons, and that he will assume the role of Autarch once he is known as the man who saves Tzenketh from certain doom.
  • Official Blog - The Means to an End (February 21, 2017)

A Divided Duty[ | ]

  • The Tzenkethi starship Fearless arrives at Kzuuln-5. The crystals the Tzenkethi are seeking have been detected on the planet, and it has therefore been marked for destruction. Admiral Tzen-Tarrak's science officer, Prult, raises objections to the assignment, as the primitive culture on the planet is attempting to contact them with messages of peace. Tzen-Tarrak ultimately relieves Prult of duty in order to ensure the mission proceeds as planned. Prult attacks the security guards escorting him through the ship, and rushes to the weapons bay to destroy the protomatter bomb. He believes he has succeeded, but discovers that the bomb was a decoy arranged by Tzen-Tarrak, who had anticipated some of his officers having second thoughts about their mission. Tzen-Tarrak executes Prult, and orders the bridge to resume their mission.
  • Official Blog: Divided Duty (March 10, 2017)

What Rough Beast[ | ]

  • Erafi, a noncorporeal lifeform known as an Uuli meets with his fellow individuals Nour and Hegrek as they meet to discuss the Tzenkethi invaders. The Tzenkethi have wiped out 18,000 of their fellow Uuli so far. Nour summarizes the data that they acquired from a Tzenkethi ship's computer. The Tzenkethi's target is a crystal substance that is found on their homeworld and on five of their thirteen moons, something that the Uuli think of as nothing but rocks. They also watch a file of a protomatter bomb launched on a planet that leaves it lifeless. The Uuli decide to send a diplomatic transmission to the Tzenkethi hoping that by destroying the crystals, the Tzenkethi would leave. The Tzenkethi continue to pursue an aggressive stance which the Uuli answer back by going to war for the first time in eons.
  • Official Blog: What Rough Beast (March 23, 2017)

First Contact Day[ | ]

Ripples[ | ]

  • Aboard the U.S.S. Pastak, Lieutenant Ayobami Ibori and Commander Nereda summon Captain Walker from his ready room. They have identified an example of a unique type of temporal anomaly - one which creates two separate "blips" in the fabric of time, at different points. However, they are unable to find the secondary anomaly. Concerned, they call Daniels for a consult. Daniels assures them that he will find the secondary anomaly with the assistance of a certain captain, whereupon they can integrate the two anomalies to stabilize the timeline. Daniels asks Walker to take the Pastak to make contact with the primary anomaly - Admiral T'nae.
  • Official Blog - "Ripples" (April 4, 2017)

Featured Episode: Mirrors and Smoke[ | ]

  • Aboard the L.S.S. Reskava, chief science officer Becaal informs Captain Kuumaarke that he has uncovered evidence that the Gon'cra Nebula is artificial, likely having been created within the past 300 years. They speculate that the navigational hazards posed by an artificial nebula would make it an ideal place to conceal something, as most traffic would avoid the area. Kuumaarke decides to inform the Lukari's allies, and investigate further.
  • Official Blog - Featured Episode: Mirrors and Smoke (April 20, 2017)

A Gathering of Engineers[ | ]

Season Thirteen: Escalation[ | ]

Fusion[ | ]

  • Councilor Gotaak of the Lukari Planetary Council reviews positive media coverage of Captain Kuumaarke's exploits. His aide, Nedil, enters, and Gotaak says that despite the fact that polls are suggesting that opening diplomatic relations with the Kentari would be political suicide, Gotaak believes that supporters of such an endeavor would go down in history as peace bringers. He asks Nedil for assistance with a secretive project.
  • Kentari Prime Minister Tuulemaan reflects on the fact that their recent encounter with the Lukari, and reliance on alien assistance against the Tzenkethi, have increased the popularity of the Traditionalists. Realizing that her planet is doomed without Lukari assistance, she knows that convincing her people of that fact will be challenging. One of her deputies, Waantel, delivers a message from the Lukari Planetary Council - they have agreed to establish an embassy on New Kentar, and to allow the Kentari to establish one on Lukari Prime.
  • Official Blog - "Fusion" (May 5, 2017)

Fortunes of War and Peace[ | ]

  • Onna and Varh, of the Coldstar meet with their crew's employer, Amarie, at Drozana Station. Amarie congratulates the two on their recent marriage, and Onna asks to get down to business. The pair successfully captured a Suliban, along with the data he had stolen from Amarie, and are prepared to hand him over. Amarie reveals that the stolen data consisted of specifications for a weapons system, to be installed on her new Amarie-class vessels. Amarie states that she believes Omag to be responsible for hiring the Suliban, and says she'll contact them if they need someone to bring him in.
  • Official Blog - "Fortunes of War and Peace" (May 26, 2017)

Cold Dishes[ | ]

  • Klingon Commander Korok meets with Torg to ask about a prisoner they have been holding for the past seventeen years, whom they are preparing to transfer to new owners. Korok explains that Torg's forces are concerned about his dealings with a former enemy of the Empire, who is rumored to become an enemy once again in the near future. Torg angrily orders Korok to provide the names of all crew members who have questioned his judgement. Torg vows to purge his crew of disloyal members before returning to Qo'noS to take his rightful place.
  • Later, Korok reviews the list of disloyal crew. He decides to add the name of Korgat, his Second Officer, in order to remove him from the chain of command in the event that Korok challenged Torg for command.
  • Official Blog - "Cold Dishes" (June 7, 2017)

A First's Tale[ | ]

  • Grella, a Klingon woman who refused to mate with Torg, is beaten and thrown in a prison cell. There, she meets Kavat’kara, a prisoner in an adjacent cell. Kavat'kara explains that he is a Gamma Jem'Hadar who served during the Dominion War. After defying the armistice at the end of the war, he and his crew were eventually captured by Klingons, and transferred to the prison facility. There, Torg's forces, aided by the Son'a, kept the Jem'Hadar alive with a supply of Ketracel White and metaphasic radiation while experimenting on them, in an effort to ultimately free the Jem'Hadar of their need for the White. The group's Vorta, along with Kavat'kara's Jem'Hadar crewmates, were eventually killed, leaving Kavat'kara as the only survivor. Grella and Kavat'kara begin plotting their escape.
  • Official Blog - "A First's Tale" (June 23, 2017)

Retaking the Test[ | ]

  • Captain Mallory Stanford of the U.S.S. Boxer reminisces about her Starfleet Academy days, when she took the Kobayashi Maru exam. Despite having expected to fail the "no-win scenario," she had been disturbed by the experience, and contemplated transferring away from the Command track before graduation. She was talked out of this course of action by L'nel, a Vulcan classmate. In 2410, Captain Stanford and L'nel, now the ship's counselor aboard the Boxer, prepares to put her crew through the test once more, as the entire Alliance has been ordered to do so.
  • Official Blog - "Retaking the Test" (June 29, 2017)

Tale of the Witch[ | ]

  • General Rodek and his wife, B'irja, travel to Nimbus III in search of Adet'pa, a Klingon woman known locally as a "witch." They discover the cave she lives in, and she invites them inside for a meal. Adet'pa correctly deduces that they have sought her out to learn the truth behind J'mpok's duel with Martok in 2393. She reveals that Torg intervened after J'mpok delivered what should have been the killing blow, taking Martok prisoner and maintaining him in a near-death state. Torg did this in order to install J'mpok as Chancellor; later, he would undermine J'mpok and assume the role himself, with the ultimate goal of establishing himself as a new Emperor. Adet'pa had been discredited and exiled to prevent her from sharing her knowledge of these events. She tells Rodek and B'irja that she will tell them where Martok is being kept, if they agree to bring her back to Klingon space and arrange for asylum within the House of Martok.
  • Official Blog - "Tale of the Witch" (July 7, 2017)

New Featured Episode: Brushfire[ | ]

A Warrior Reborn[ | ]

  • At Starfleet Medical, Doctor Oskar Mazur is able to restore General Rodek's original memories as Kurn, with input from the original surgeon who had removed them, Julian Bashir. Following cosmetic surgery to restore his original appearance, Kurn meets with his wife, B'irja, and his brother, Worf. Kurn tells Worf that if Martok restores the House of Mogh, he will not contest Worf's right to lead it. Kurn states that he will honor his debt to the House of Noggra, who took him in as Rodek, and treated him well. Kurn says he intends to move to the Alpha Quadrant after he recovers from his surgery, intending to continue the fight against the Tzenkethi. He suggests that he and his family may settle aboard Deep Space 9. Worf warns Kurn that enemies within the Klingon Empire will be moving against them in retaliation for the rescue of Martok.
  • Official Blog - "A Warrior Reborn" (August 10, 2017)

The Best Laid Plans[ | ]

  • In a breach of protocol, Son'a Chief Architect Se’lim brings his Tarlac slave to a meeting with Admiral Karr. Se'lim has been designing a new dreadnought for the Son'a, and Karr is concerned that the Alliance is seeking details regarding its design. Se'lim's Tarlac suggests deliberately leaking a fake design, with a hidden flaw, to the Alliance. Later, Se'lim completes his work on the two dreadnought designs: the correct one, and the flawed version, but his Tarlac switches the designs.
  • Official Blog - "The Best Laid Plans" (August 18, 2017)

Brothers in Blood[ | ]

New Featured Episode: "Beyond the Nexus"[ | ]

Baby Steps[ | ]

Season Fourteen: Emergence[ | ]

They Came from Below[ | ]

  • On an unnamed world, a species which worships Gods which dwell deep below the surface of their world are astonished when their religious temples are destroyed by earthquakes. Giant vessels emerge from the ground beneath the temples and leave the planet.
  • Official Blog - "They Came from Below" (January 18, 2018)

Step Right Up[ | ]

  • Samantha Avari of the Federation News Service travels to Risa, having been invited to an event being held by Tortoth, a controversial Klingon archaeologist. Tortoth addresses the crowd and unveils his latest discovery: Sarcophagus, the Klingon ship of the dead lost in the war between the Klingons and the Federation 200 years before. Tortoth reveals that he has outfitted the Sarcophagus with modern technology...and that it is for sale.
  • Official Blog - "Step Right Up" (January 22, 2018)

Lingua Iconia[ | ]

  • Working in the Reman Sector of New Romulus, ship designer Vrosik tolerates the outbursts of her Romulan colleague, Callius. A veteran of the attack on Rhi III, Callius convinces Vrosik to join him on a brief orbital excursion. Aboard the R.R.W. Reuvhnen, Callius hails the Obelisk and requests that they deploy swarmers for a targeting simulation. However, the swarmers attack the Reuvhnen. Vrosik modifies the ship's engines to appear to be Iconian, and the swarmers break off their attack. The tactic inspires Callius to consider non-Romulan designs for their next ship.
  • Official Blog - "Lingua Iconia" (February 15, 2018)

Jayce's Navy Interstellar: Through the Valley[ | ]

The Redemption of the Steadfast[ | ]

Victory is Life[ | ]

Moving Shadows[ | ]

The Past and Present[ | ]

  • In the Bajoran city of Hathon, Kai Kira Nerys awakens from a vision about the recent Tzenkethi and Hur'q attacks. Doctor Likra contacts her and confirms that there had been no Drantzuli eggs or buried Hur'q ships present on Bajor when the Tzenkethi attacked. Kira asks Likra not to share this information with the Science Council, as she wishes to avoid these facts becoming public record.
  • Official Blog - "The Past and Present" (April 23, 2018)

Opiate of the Masses[ | ]

  • In a tavern, Loresinger Juvat, daughter of Kurn, debates Kalol, son of Mekt, an historian and astrobiologist. Kalol maintains that the return of the Hur'q is a sham, comparing it to the "rebirth" of Kahless. Juvat counters that the fact that Kahless was reborn through science does not invalidate the fact that he returned as had been foretold. Kalol accuses Juvat, and others like her, as simply wanting to keep the Klingon people prepared to fight and die for their causes. Juvat accuses Kalol of turning his back on Klingon culture and history, winning the crowd over to her side.
  • Official Blog - "Opiate of the Masses" (April 30, 2018)

Introducing: The Swarm![ | ]

The Golden Nagus[ | ]

The Missing Link[ | ]

  • Nuno, a Founder, returns home with his ship and crew from a five-year Dominion exploration mission. Before he can rejoin the Great Link, he learns that the Dominion is at war with the Hur'q. Accessing a console, Nuno realizes that while the Dominion has officially maintained that the war is going well, far fewer vessels are returning from their deployments than are sent out. He is met by the Female Changeling and Odo; the Female Changeling tells him that the members of the Link are not to be "troubled" with the details of the war. Agreeing to keep the secret, Nuno decides not to rejoin the Link. Privately, Odo asks Nuno to tell him everything he has learned about the state of the war.
  • Official Blog - "The Missing Link" (May 15, 2018)

"qa'wI' 'oy'Hey"[ | ]

Reunion[ | ]

Of Profits, and an Ill Wind[ | ]

New Support Cruisers Join the Alliance Fleet[ | ]

Adaptation[ | ]

Discover New Adventures This Fall[ | ]

Spores[ | ]

  • Doctor Bashir finds himself trapped in a cavern, hanging upside-down from a bundle of alien mycelium. He calls the Aventine for assistance, and Captain Dax, coordinating with Captain Kuumaarke of the Reskava, work to rescue him. Once aboard the Aventine, Bashir speaks with his wife and Kuumaarke about unusual fungi that have been encountered recently, including the Elachi, the Imaga megafungi, and the ketracel precursor. Ezri mentions a scientist named Paul Stamets, who had theorized about a multidimensional mycelial network, and Bashir suggests the idea has merits, and that much of the fungi discovered throughout the galaxy may have a common progenitor.
  • Official Blog - "Spores" (September 28, 2018)

The Day Everything Changed[ | ]

Jayce's Interstellar: Walker Class Crash Mobilization[ | ]

Fighting in a Burning House[ | ]

Utopia Planetia: The Mystery of Yard 39[ | ]

  • Leaving the Narendra's commissioning party, Whetu finds Elyos studying "weather reports" from the TL-9139 system. Elyos explains that nearly one hundred starships had been stationed at "Yard 39" in the system in 2259 when a freak eruption from the local star flooded the area with Baryon radiation. Now, however, it appears that the radiation is abating, and it will be safe to re-enter the system within a few weeks. Elyos is excited by the prospect of recovering the antiquated ships, and applying what they learn from them to modern ship design.
  • Official Blog - Utopia Planetia: The Mystery of Yard 39 (October 5, 2018)[sic]

The Past Reborn[ | ]

The Will to Fight[ | ]

  • Captain Thy'kir Shran of the U.S.S. Sebrova records a log entry. He describes the apparent futility in waging war against their Klingons' cloaking technology, but reaffirms his determination to do what he can. He also reflects on his great-grandfather, Thy’lek Shran, who serves as both an inspiration to Thy'kir, as well as a shadow to overcome. The log entry is interrupted when he receives word of a distress call from a Starfleet Academy vessel, crewed by cadets on a training cruise. Shran orders his First Officer to redirect to the signal's source.
  • Official Blog - "The Will to Fight" (October 8, 2018)

Age of Discovery[ | ]

Welcome to 2409[ | ]

Of Different Stars[ | ]

  • At Deep Space 2, Ensign Keero finds himself adjusting to his new life, 153 years in the "future." He meets Lieutenant Thox, a Klingon Starfleet officer. After an initial wary encounter, Keero bonds with Thox, who encourages Keero to choose his own path in life - rage and revenge, or empathy and understanding.
  • Official Blog - "Of Different Stars" (October 19, 2018)

You Can't Go Home Again[ | ]

The Ascendant[ | ]

Jayce's Interstellar: Around The Galaxy[ | ]

From the Desk of Starfleet Intelligence[ | ]

Federation Planetary Database: Priors World[ | ]

Execute Operation: Riposte![ | ]

"First Impressions"[ | ]

Rise of Discovery: The Plausibility of the Possible[ | ]

Triple Cross[ | ]

Calm Amidst the Storm[ | ]

The Allied Cooperative Starship Development Board[ | ]

Jayce's Interstellar: The State of the Romulan Navy[ | ]

Season Eighteen: Awakening[ | ]

Commissioning the U.S.S. Somerville[ | ]

Doctor's Orders[ | ]

A Meeting of Minds[ | ]

Welcome to Mudd's Market![ | ]

The Mycelial Network - Federation Astrophysics Database[ | ]

Season Nineteen: Legacy[ | ]

To Hell With Honor[ | ]

The Khitomer Alliance Launches New Joint Service[ | ]

Best Served Cold[ | ]

Season Twenty: House Divided[ | ]

Hoch ‘ebmey tIjon[ | ]

Season Twenty-one: House Shattered[ | ]

Relive the Synth Invasion of Mars![ | ]

Season Twenty-two: House Reborn[ | ]

The Book of the Dishonored Three, Chapter One[ | ]

The Book of the Dishonored Three, Chapter Two[ | ]

The Book of the Dishonored Three, Chapter Three[ | ]

Season Twenty-three: House United[ | ]

Remain Klingon[ | ]

Season Twenty-four: Reflections[ | ]

Infiltrate and Destroy in Operation: Wolf![ | ]

Remastering 25th Century Starships[ | ]

Season Twenty-five: Shadow's Advance[ | ]

Iuppiter Iratus[ | ]

  • After killing a human spy, Captain Kuumaarke smiles in satisfaction as the Federation has been alerted to the Terran Empire's plans on attacking Jupiter Station. She praised her chief engineer for warning her of power spikes in her ship's rift engine but executed him afterwards as it was done after the enemy got the message out. She announces the incident to her crew and wonders how many more engineers she would have to replace further.
  • Official Blog - Iuppiter Iratus (January 18, 2022)

Season Twenty-six: Ascension[ | ]

Break out of The Bird Cage[ | ]

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