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LukariLukari Concordium

The Lukari are reclusive, but friendly

NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Alpha Quadrant
Planet of Origin:
Capital World:
Lukari Prime
Political System:
Representative Republic
Foreign Policy:
Isolationist, transitioning to exploratory
Planetary Council
Alliance Relations:

LSS Reskava
The L.S.S. Reskava is the Lukari's first exploratory ship

The Lukari Concordium is the official state of the Lukari people. Members of the Concordium led a reclusive life until their first encounter with the Alliance.

Peaceful in nature, Concordium maintains diplomatic relations with a number of neighboring species, including Breen Confederacy, Denobulans, Ferengi Alliance and First Federation.

Politics[ | ]

  • The Lukari were ruled by the Planetary Council. When faced with important decisions, Council holds a referendum, giving all the Lukari a chance to decide what is best for the Concordium.
  • The Science Council was another government agency of the Concordium.

History[ | ]

  • The Lukari originated on the planet Kentar. Followers of scholar Lukar, they engaged in a civil war with their fellow Kentari, who they regarded as obsessed with wealth and power. After losing the war, many Lukari went into self-imposed exile in what became known as the Great Exodus. After a difficult journey, they settled on a moon in what became known as the Lukari System. Much information about Kentar, including its location, were stricken from Lukari records, leaving few Lukari with knowledge of their former homeworld's location.
  • While they are a warp-capable species, they lost their appetite for exploration, and did not develop new starships after settling on their new homeworld. Instead, their warp-capable craft are limited to small probes. While the Lukari have never felt compelled to explore outside their own system, they have made contact with the Ferengi and Tzenkethi in the past. They are aware of the Deferi and the Breen, but have never encountered those species directly.
  • The Lukari are unfamiliar with transporter technology.

Missions involved[ | ]

Future Proof[ | ]

  • Faction FedRomKDF “Sunrise”: The player makes first contact with the Lukari while exploring their star system, attempting to determine why its star is acting strangely. With the help of Lukari Administrator Kuumaarke and part-Lukari time traveller from the future Kal Dano, the player is able to restart the star.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “Time and Tide”: In 2769, the Lukari send an ambassador to attend the signing of the Temporal Accords.

New Frontiers[ | ]

J'Ula's Discovery[ | ]

Terran Gambit[ | ]

Other involvement[ | ]

  • "Lukari Species": This entry of the Post War Era series details Kuumaarke's efforts to determine what has happened to her world's star prior to the events of "Sunrise."

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