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Maxia Sector
Alpha Quadrant

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The Lukari System, also designated as Hrith System by Tzenkethi, is a system located in the Maxia Sector of the Alpha Quadrant and home to the Lukari civilization.

System Description[]

This system boasts a bright B1V type main sequence star that has several gas giants. No rocky worlds exist within the habitable zone. As a consequence, this system has remained a low priority for exploration, due to the low chances of indigenous life.

Missions Involved[]

  • “Sunrise”: The player's ship is dispatched to this previously unexplored system in order to investigate unusual activity of its central star. It is discovered that the Tholians have been using a trilithium device to tamper with the star in order to lure in a time traveling scientist from the 31st Century called Kal Dano. Although the Tholians ultimately manage to steal the Tox Uthat from Dano, the player can stabilize the star, thereby saving the Lukari civilization.
  • “Echoes of Light”: The player returns to the Lukari System to serve as an escort to the new Lukari exploration vessel, the L.S.S. Concordium, where together they explore the 20 Draconis System.



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