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Military Rank:
Mining foreman
Voiced by:
Dave Rivas

Madran is a Ferengi entrepreneur who, in 2387, acquired mining rights in the Hfihar System. He enlists hundreds of Romulan refugees, who he treats little better than slaves. In 2411, following the defeat of Hassan the Undying, he took over in running the Shangdu bar and arena on Nimbus III under 'Madran Enterprises'.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Mine Enemy”: The player investigates Madran's mining facility in the Hfihar System.
  • ALL “Warehouse”: Madran now works for the Romulan Republic, managing cargo and inventory. The player discovers that Madran has been secretly working with the Orion Syndicate, redirecting supplies meant for the colony on New Romulus to the Tal Shiar after they seized his assets.
  • ALL “Echoes of Light”: The player encounters Madran in the Lukari System, where he is attempting to conduct business with the Lukari. He later travels to the 20 Draconis System, where he discovers and lays claim to the timelost Deep Space K-13. The player boards the station and repels Madran and his Nausicaan guards, and Madran escapes in his ship following a brief space battle.
  • ALL “Quark's Lucky Seven”: In advance of a mission to retrieve the Sword of Kahless from T'Ket's vessel, Brunt tries to recruit Madran in order to claim the sword for himself. Madran, however, turns to Grand Nagus Rom, who then hires him instead. After claiming the sword from Quark as planned, Brunt is apprehended by Madran, who is eager to improve his standing with the Grand Nagus.
  • ALL “The Ninth Rule”: Madran attempts to steal a supply of spores.
  • ALL “Partisans”: After the defeat of Hassan the Undying, Madran took over in running the Shangdu bar and arena on Nimbus III. The player, Martok, Adet'pa and the crew of the Coldstar were first ambushed by his and J'mpok's forces at the bar. They then confront him where he summons more enemies to defeat in the arena. Despite taunting the player that he will reveal their whereabouts to J'mpok, Adet'pa states that his ship is being targeted in orbit, forcing him to eventually surrender.
  • ALL “Warriors of the Empire”: While gathering warriors to take the fight against J'mpok, the player carries Martok and his forces to the Beta Penthe System, where he encounters Madran locked up in Station Gamma, but Madran will only speak to the player about information on General K'nal's location. Despite Madran's threats, the player offers to get him out of the station and receive a fair trial instead. With proof from sickbay logs checked by Martok, Madran informs that a drunk surgeon sent K'nal to Station Beta for medical treatment following 'Emperor' J'mpok's word of denying him a warrior's death. Martok then beams up with his forces back to the player's ship and throws Madran by the ears into the player's brig.

Other involvement[]

  • "Of Hawks and Doves": It is revealed that Madran was the first Ferengi to make contact with the Lukari. Administrator Kuumaarke found him "greedy and belligerent."
  • "The Means to an End": It is revealed that Madran had been hired by the Tzenkethi to purchase the Lukari's data on Protomatter technology prior to 2409. He failed to do so, but was offered a significant sum to steal the information instead. It is implied that he succeeded in this assignment, becoming wealthy enough to purchase a ship of his own.

Memorable quotes[]

[Madran, desperate] "My dear friend Kuumaarke, just think of how much I can help!"
[Kuumaarke, firm] "I try not to think about you at all, Madran."

- Kuumaarke, to Madran in the Lukari System ( “Echoes of Light”)


  • Madran was originally not voiced during his first appearance in "Mine Enemy". Updates to the game in 2018 included new voice over for Madran in "Mine Enemy"
  • Madran's design was updated from Season Twenty-one: House Shattered with a change of his uniform colours.
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