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Mail in Star Trek Online is a method of sending messages and items from one player to another, or from one player's character to an alternate character. Messages may be accessed at any time from the menu next to the minimap, but you must use a Mail Console to send and receive item attachments.

  • You can send mail to yourself by using your own @handle.
  • Mail addressed to "@handle" can be accessed by any character on the account, while mail addressed to "character_name@handle" can only be accessed by the specific character.
  • Only one fleet mail can be sent per day, regardless of who was the sender.
  • Energy Credits, Dilithium and other currency type units can not be mailed.
  • Excluding mails from game services (like the Exchange), players will receive a full mail message if they have more than 200 emails in their inbox nor 20 emails with an item attachment[1]. Only the oldest 300 mails can be viewed[2].
  • The maximum number of auctions that a player can have active on the Exchange at any given time is 40. This limit is reduced by one for every returned auction email that is in the player’s mailbox.

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