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About Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe, developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Gearbox Publishing. Set in the year 2409, the game tells the story of the galaxy after the cataclysmic Hobus Supernova destroyed the homeworld of the Romulan species.

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Andorian Tribble
Console - Universal - Terraforming Emulsion (California-class)
Mission: Dranuur Gauntlet
Mission: Dranuur Beach Assault
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Console - Universal - Invasive Control Mechanisms‏‎ (S31 Dreadnought)
Hangar - Section 31 Drone Squadron (S31 Dreadnought)
Discovery LB traits:
Trait: Feel the Weight of Our Presence
Trait: Redundant Antimatter Containment
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Did you know?

Playing the Waveform Modulation mini-game gives you a chance to gain additional R&D Materials, which is indicated by a yellow star when the contents of a scanned anomaly is shown to you.

Current & upcoming events
Season Twenty-eight: Refractions [PC] - January 24, 2023
Event Campaign IV - February 17, 2022 - February 2023
13 Year Anniversary Event [PC] - January 24, 2023 - February 23, 2023
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