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Malon Malon Frigate
Malon Frigate
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The Malon Frigate is a type of frigate used by the Malon in 2410.

Armament[ | ]

Fore Weapons

Abilities[ | ]

Health[ | ]

Level Normal Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
60 51 622 113 569 404 978

Missions involved[ | ]

  • ALL “Reunion”: In 2410, the player has to disable Malon Frigates whose commander wants to use the space around New Talax as a waste disposal site.
  • ALL “Tekara System Patrol”: In the Tekara System, the player finds a Malon outpost where Captain Valak has been trying to put the technology left by the Voyager 35 years earlier into use. As waste reclamation is considered an economical menace by many powerful Malon, the small refinery station then has to be defended against attacking ships of the Malon Disposal Union and their Hazari mercenaries. Among Malon vessels are several Frigate-types.
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