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BorgManus of Borg
Manus of Borg.png
Military Rank:
Elite Tactical Drone
Death year:
Voiced by:
Maria Rosseau

Manus of Borg, formerly Rebecca Simmons, is an Elite Tactical Drone and the final boss of the first Special Task Force mission, “Infected: Manus”.


See article: "Infected: Manus" Walkthrough

Instead of walking, Manus hovers above the ground, meaning she can very quickly move between platforms and that she cannot simply be pushed into the plasma.

Missions involved[]

  • “Fluid Dynamics”: Captain Rebecca Simmons commands the U.S.S. Venture as part of a joint task force sent to eliminate the Borg presence in Fluidic Space; Captain Simmons goes missing when the ship is attacked by the Borg.
  • “Infected: Manus”: Rebecca Simmons, having visited Starbase 82 as a representative of the Borg Task force, has been assimilated by the Borg. In an effort to use the assimilation counter-agent developed on Omicron Kappa II, she had descended alone into the Borg-occupied levels of the station. Renamed Manus of Borg, she taunts the players as they progress through Starbase 82, before finally confronting them at the center of the station.
  • “Khitomer in Stasis”: The player's crew notes that Manus was an example of a "modern" Borg drone which demonstrated a capacity for independent thought.



  • There is a continuity error regarding Simmons. While she goes missing following an encounter with the Borg in “Fluid Dynamics”, Commander Pan in “Infected: Manus” states that she had visited Starbase 82 as a representative of the Borg Task Force, and was assimilated after her arrival.
  • Manus is Latin for "hand", likely a reference to the Borg faction icon resembling a stylized hand.
  • She is voiced by Maria Rosseau.
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