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Martian Mining Laser/Info The Martian Mining Laser is a ranged ground weapon that deals Fire damage.

It was the grand prize from the 2021 First Contact Day event. It can be reclaimed from the Dilithium store or Reclaim store found under Mission Journal / Event tab, on any character on that account.

Game Description[edit | edit source]

The hand-operated Martian Mining Laser is a powerful tool for separating veins of ore from surrounding rock, among other things. Just as ancient mining picks found their way onto the battlefield, the hand-operated Martian Mining Laser has a certain unorthodox effectiveness, holding the dubious record for most confirmed kills among excavation equipment. The primary fire damages foes in a line in lieu of a proc, and the secondary fire adds fire hazards to that impact. Lastly, the tertiary firing mode discharges the capacitor from the prongs directly, delivering an electric shock to stun opponents and subject them to greater damage from the other firing modes.

This item is leveless (∞), which causes it to scale with your character up to level 60. Once you are level 60, you can convert it to Mk XII by right clicking it and selecting "Upgrade". Mk items can improve in power to a higher maximum than leveless items can.

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