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The Female Changeling recorded these logs over hundreds of years

Found on the Ancient Dominion Station, the Female Changeling recorded several research logs detailing the Dominion's genetic engineering of species to serve as vassals.

Research Report - 4121.63 Dominion Reckoning[]

My fellow Founders. The Masan research station is fully operational. As we continue to add worlds to our sphere of influence, our studies of xenobiology becoming more important. We must know all we can of both friend... and foe. We need every advantage we can find if we are to achieve true dominion.

Our premier project is underway. You'll recall the recently discovered race of tree-dwellers, hunted as we once were. Genetic engineering of these solids has produced considerable results - their intelligence has increased by a factor of three so far!

We predict this species will be the first of many loyal servitors and vassals.

Research Report - 4653.15 Dominion Reckoning[]

Our scouts have discovered an interesting species of solids at the edge of the Dominion. They are a species of sentient insectoids that live primarily underground. We may not have detected them were it not for a thorough geological scan.

Initial studies have revealed that these solids are based on germanium. I've attached bioscan data we collected on them for your review.

I've dispatched a research unit to study these "Burrowers" further. They may be just what we need for the Military Initiative.

Research Report - Dominion Date 7021.27[]

More data has arrived on Cadre Species 484, designation: Burrowers. Their world's unusual orbital path has taken it out of the habitable zone. As a result, the Burrowers have retreated underground and entered a state of hibernation.

While dormant, a smaller servitor race tends to the Burrowers. They also maintain their shared habitat and technology. I've instructed the field team to take advantage of their dormancy period, and they are now conducting aggressive studies of these intriguing solids.

My team initiated first contact protocols with the Burrowers prior to their mass dormancy. They found them to be friendly and intelligent, if not wilful. We've identified a common element in their food supply; manipulation of this element may prove useful in subjugating them.

Research Report - 7903.01 Dominion Reckoning[]

Cadre Species 468, designation: Jem'Hadar... is a massive success. They will be the strong arm of our Dominion, guided by our cunning, brilliant Vorta. The toil of these vassals will allow us to spend more time in the Link with those we hold most dear.

Research Report - Dominion Date 8183.67[]

The Burrowers have emerged once again, and in a hostile state! They have taken to the stars, moving from sector to sector, attacking anyone that crosses their path. Their goal is not one of conquest... but of consumption. They leave nothing but dead worlds in their wake.

Though we do not understand their newfound savagery, we have found a use for it. When the Burrorwers set their sights on a world, we offer the inhabitants a choice. Those that submit to our Dominion rule are defended by the Jem'Hadar. Those that don't serve as an object lesson to others.

Research Report 8532.38[]

Our scouts have returned from the wormhole expedition. The solid races on the other side are primitive and unremarkable, save for one. They are called "Klingons", and show a singular talent for violence, one that rivals our own Jem'Hadar. Left unchecked, these savage creatures could become dangerous enemies.

While the Klingons are too willful to subjugate, their genetic material could produce viable cohorts to the Jem'Hadar... or their replacements.

We have begun development of a new Cadre species, designation Fek'Ihri, using "demons" from Klingon folklore for inspiration. As with the Jem'Hadar, we have bound them to our service with the White. We will test them in combat on the Klingons themselves.

Research Report, Supplemental Entry - 8671.71 Dominion Reckoning[]

Somehow, the Fek'Ihri have broken the hold of the White and turned on their rightful masters. Most of our research team were killed.

Intelligence reports suggest a union between the Fek'Ihri and a Klingon warlord known as Molor. perhaps this will lead to a state of muturally assured destruction on Qo'noS. One can only hope.

Research Report - 9076.23. Final Entry[]

I am weary. Soon I will return to the Great Link, and I will be glad to be rid of this place.

The burrowers have emerged again. We can barely control them this time. The Jem'Hadar were able to divert their onslaught, at great cost. Rather than counter-attack, they went through the wormhole to seek easier prey.

Our agents in the other quadrants report that the Burrower assault there was a sweeping one, going as far as Qo'noS! Hopefully they'll devour every atom of that wretched planet.

The Burrowers will eventually return to dormancy. Strangely, it appears that some of their forces intend on remaining in the other quadrants. It seems they have a long-term goal - galactic devastation.