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Level 65 Boost (Discovery Faction)
Epic Inventory
Account Bind On Pickup
Automatically advances one Discovery-Federation Faction Character to Level 65.

Opening this bundle will also expand your following storage options:

  • 36x Inventory Slots
  • 12x Bank Slots
  • 6x Bridge Officer Slots
  • 2x Starship Slots

This bundle also contains full sets of Personal Equipment and Starship Equipment, as well as fully-trained and pre-equipped Bridge Officers ready to serve on your crew. Some of these items will still be packed after this bundle is opened.

This may only be opened by a Discovery-Federation faction character, and only if another character on this account has reached level 65. It may be opened at any level, once this character has completed the Tutorial. Opening it at level 65 or higher will result in some of the contents not being granted.

** Caution ** Applying this boost while still in 2256 will allow you to participate content[sic] that takes place in 2409. Choosing to do so may prevent your return to locations in the 2256 time period, but will not prevent story progress.

Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
The Congratulations screen

The Max Level Boost is a special item available as part of the Legendary Discovery-Federation Captain Bundle which immediately boosts a character's Rank to Level 65, and provides a large amount of equipment.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

The character which the boost is being applied to must:

  • Belong to the DSC Starfleet faction.
  • Have completed or skipped the tutorial, and completed “Reporting In”.
  • Be on an account where at least one other character has reached Level 65 (the character being boosted can be any level).

The character does not need to have done any further missions and can still be in the 2256 time period; the character will not automatically be forced to leave 2256, though certain content in the game may force you to do so, and there is no way to return, so beware. Indeed, upon changing maps, Admiral Quinn will hail you and offer to teleport you to Earth Spacedock in the 25th century.

The token can be bought on any character, then moved via the Account Bank to the character you wish to apply it to.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Once applied, the character will immediately receive:

Unlike Dominion characters, skill points, Specialization Points, and traits will not be pre-applied, allowing you to fully customise your build.

Level 65 Equipment Pack: Master Pack[edit | edit source]

Level 65 Equipment Pack: Master Pack
Epic Inventory
Character Bind On Pickup
This bundle contains full sets of Personal and Starship Equipment, and a set of fully-trained Bridge Officers ready to serve on your crew. Some of these items will still be packed after this bundle is opened. Check your inventory for further bundles you will be given in this way.
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

The [Level 65 Equipment Pack: Master Pack] contains a huge assortment of items, including all 14 basic Kit Modules for your chosen profession. All the equipment is Mk XIV Very Rare quality. Once opened, all the contents of this box are bound to character.

See the section below for further information about these bridge officers!

Bridge officers[edit | edit source]

These bridge officers all come pre-promoted to the rank of Commander, pre-equipped with Mk XIV Very Rare equipment and Very Rare-quality traits[3], and are trained with all basic (i.e. non-lockbox or reward) Bridge officer abilities.[4] Each of them comes equipped with:

However, the rest of their equipment and traits differ:

They all come wearing the 2250s Starfleet Discovery uniform, albeit with uniforms not always matching their profession:

  • Silvia Tilly is an Operations-division Ensign
  • Justin Straal is a Science-division Lieutenant, despite being an Engineering officer
  • Michael Burnham is a Command-division Commander, despite being a Science officer
  • Paul Stamets is a Science-division Lt. Commander
  • Gabriel Lorca is a Command-division Captain, despite that rank not normally being wearable by bridge officers
  • Ellen Landry is a Command-division Commander

Reference[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 If a character is already level 65, they will not see the congratulations screen and will not receive any specialization points.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 These items are awarded as the following: The items will auto-apply so long as the character is not at their limit on those respective slots.
  3. When received as an item, these officers are common quality, however once commissioned they become Very Rare quality due to their trait allotment.
  4. Basic bridge officer abilities include the ones listed in the tables below. Note that the Lieutenant Commander row contains an entry for all of the space abilities and most of the ground ones, so this can be used as a more compact reference. Click the [show] buttons on the left to reveal the contents of that row.

    Space abilities[edit source]

      Engineering abilities Science abilities Tactical abilities
    Lieutenant Commander

    Ground abilities[edit source]

      Engineering abilities Science abilities Tactical abilities
    Lieutenant Commander

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