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OrionMelani D'ian
Ter'jas Mor
Orion Syndicate Boss

Melani D'ian was the head of the Orion Syndicate after 2387, the first Orion after 20 years to gain a position of leadership. Under her rule, the Syndicate consolidated, allied with the Klingon Empire after centuries of neutrality, and moved its population to Ter'jas Mor.


  • 2387: Under Melani D'ian's orders, Hassan the Undying assassinates the top Syndicate boss Raimus on Farius Prime, enabling D'ian to take over his Syndicate operations.
  • 2388: Inbetween purging the Syndicate of outsider influence, Melani D'ian opens negotiations with both the Klingon Empire and the Breen Confederacy to support the failing Orion home world in the Rigel System.
  • 2394: Posing as a slave girl to Hassan the Undying, Melani D'ian signs an alliance with Klingon Chancellor J'mpok which turns the Syndicate into a Klingon vassal state. As a gift she sends 1,500 women to be servants to the Klingon Great Houses.

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