Memory Alpha System

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FederationMemory Alpha System
Tellar Sector
Alpha Quadrant
Memory Alpha

Memory Alpha Sector Map.png

The Memory Alpha System is a system located in the Tellar Sector of the Alpha Quadrant.

It is home to the planet Memory Alpha, the main archive of the Federation. Until the crafting revamp with the release of Season 9.5, Memory Alpha's surface was accessible and served as Research & Development hub for Federation players.

System Description[edit | edit source]

A Class-K planetoid, Memory Alpha has been adapted for humanoid colonization through the use of pressurized dome habitats. The planetoid is home to the Federation's largest cultural history and scientific archive, and is available to any scholar or scientist who wishes access. Dozens of researchers call the planetoid home, and some of the most advanced technological and theoretical work in the Alpha Quadrant gets its start at Memory Alpha.

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