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NeutralMempa System
Mempa Sector
Beta Quadrant

Mempa Sector Map.png

The Mempa System is a system located in the Mempa Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

System Description[]

The Mempa system hosts nine planets, many of which have seen staging grounds of military operations. All of the planets orbit a binary star system consisting of a G-type yellow star and a K-type orange star. Due to the radiant output of the pair of stars, most of the planets are located at a significant distance from the system's center of gravity. In spite of its location on the border of Klingon space, the Mempa system hosted several battles during the Klingon civil war of 2368, including a punishing defeat to the forces of then-Chancellor Gowron. These military actions forced the Klingon Empire to abandon active patrols and posts in the system, which led to an influx of scavengers, malcontents, and criminal elements, scattered across the various planets in isolated bases.

Missions Involved[]

  • Faction Romulan Republic.png “Bigger Picture”: Answering an apparent distress call by a Romulan Republic ship in the Mempa System, the player instead finds a disabled True Way ship. After accessing its logs on the bridge, it becomes clear that the crew had been abducted by the Elachi. Claiming to carry an order of reprisal by Empress Sela which authorizes them to detain any Republic ships, True Way forces subsequently attempt to apprehend the player's ship.

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