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TOS StarfleetMeredith Nichols
Deep Space K-13
Information giver
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Chief Engineer Meredith Louise Nichols was a Human Starfleet officer. She was Chief Engineer of Deep Space K-13. Her visual evolves when watching the supplemental logs, and she bears a major scar to the face in the last two logs, after the failed warp drive incident.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Echoes of Light”: The player discovers the timelost K-13 in the 20 Draconis System, where it has remained since the Earth year 1571. A number of logs left by Nichols are discovered, in which she details the crew's failed attempts to return to their own time, and eventual decision to put as many crew members and Klingon prisoners into stasis as possible. Nichols, along with fellow crew members T'Von and Sheridan, who were unable to go into stasis, opted to resettle on the planet below - a violation of the Prime Directive.

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • "Fleet Station K-13 Returns!": Aboard K-13, Nichols confers with Acting Commander O'Ryan. They have determined that the station was sent back in time, to the year 1571, in a system that had not yet been discovered by either the Federation or the Klingons by 2270. Faced with few choices, O'Ryan elects to place K-13's crew, as well as their Klingon prisoners, into stasis; however, there are not enough stasis pods to accommodate everyone. After the stasis pods have been filled, Nichols begins to record a final log entry explaining the situation, and what those left without stasis pods had decided to do with themselves.
  • "Tales of K-13 Part 4!": Commanders Nereda and Drij arrive on Draconis III shortly after the Protomatter explosion which eradicated all life on the planet's surface. They find the shuttlecraft Sacagawea, which had been used used by the survivors of K-13 in 1571. It contains log entries detailing the lives of Nichols, Sheridan, and T'Von on the surface. They discover that the team had initially settled far from the locals, in hopes that they would eventually be rescued by someone from 2270. The following year, an alien craft landed on the surface of the planet, and its occupants began slaughtering the Draconians. After observing this for several days, the team decided to aid the Draconians, and began a guerilla warfare campaign against the aliens, being discovered by the Draconians in the process. Nichols was poisoned in a battle with the aliens, and was later cured by the Draconians, who had come to regard the Starfleet officers as gods. After the aliens were driven from the world, the Starfleet officers attempted to convince the Draconians they were not gods, and took the Sacagawea to settle on a remote island. In the following years, Sheridan and T'Von were married. Eventually, Nichols passed away in 1603, at the age of 67. Sheridan passed away in 1625, and T'Von lived alone until 1734. Nereda and Drij vow to notify the familes of the Starfleet officers of their fate.

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